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ACM Letters on Programming Languages and Systems
ACM Press
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  Unified compilation of Fortran 77D and 90D
Choudhary A., Fox G., Hiranandani S., Kennedy K., Koelbel C., Ranka S., Tseng C.  ACM Letters on Programming Languages and Systems 2(1-4): 95-114, 1993. Type: Article

FORTRAN D is an extension of FORTRAN for the specification of parallel algorithms. It is applicable to either FORTRAN 77 or FORTRAN 90. This paper gives a high-level overview of a compilation process that can be used to translate programs in both ...

Aug 1 1995
  Implementing multiple locks using Lamport’s mutual exclusion algorithm
Boehm H., Demers A., Uhler C.  ACM Letters on Programming Languages and Systems 2(1-4): 46-58, 1993. Type: Article

The implementation of spin locks using Lamport’s fast algorithm for mutual exclusion [1] is described. A straightforward implementation of Lamport’s algorithm would replicate all of its variables, including the Boolean vector used to d...

May 1 1995
  Precise executable interprocedural slices
Binkley D.  ACM Letters on Programming Languages and Systems 2(1-4): 31-45, 1993. Type: Article

A program slice describes all the statements of the program affecting a given variable x at a given point p. Interprocedural slicing, in which a slice crosses the boundaries of the procedure calls, is studied ...

May 1 1995
  RE2C: a more versatile scanner generator
Bumbulis P., Cowan D.  ACM Letters on Programming Languages and Systems 2(1-4): 70-84, 1993. Type: Article

RE2C is a tool for generating scanners from regular expressions. The authors argue that the reason developers tend to hand-code scanners is inadequate performance by machine-generated scanners. RE2C is a good solution to this problem because it co...

May 1 1995
  On the conversion of indirect to direct recursion
Kaser O., Ramakrishnan C., Pawagi S.  ACM Letters on Programming Languages and Systems 2(1-4): 151-164, 1993. Type: Article

Inline expansion replaces a call to a procedure with the procedure’s body. Inline expansion, among other benefits, eliminates procedure call overhead and improves addressing locality. Recursion presents a problem, since a recursive call has ...

May 1 1995
  Semantics of constraint logic programs with optimization
Marriott K. (ed), Stuckey P. (ed)  ACM Letters on Programming Languages and Systems 2(1-4): 197-212, 1993. Type: Article

This research paper deals with constraint logic programming, specifically with the CLP(R) language [1]. Starting with the remark that many applications of such a language require not only testing whether a set of constraints is satisfiable but als...

Apr 1 1995
  Interprocedural constant propagation
Metzger R., Stroud S.  ACM Letters on Programming Languages and Systems 2(1-4): 213-232, 1993. Type: Article

The authors provide an overview of the tasks performed by an interprocedural optimizer package built for the use of imperative language programmers on a specific series of supercomputers. The optimizer package comprises ten different algorithms th...

Apr 1 1995
  The detection of dangling references in C++ programs
Eyre-Todd R.  ACM Letters on Programming Languages and Systems 2(1-4): 127-134, 1993. Type: Article

A technique for implementing so-called smart pointers, which detect dangling references, in C++ is described. Smart pointers are objects of special classes with overloaded operators for dereferencing and structure access; they mimic regular pointe...

Mar 1 1995
  What’s in a region?
Ball T.  ACM Letters on Programming Languages and Systems 2(1-4): 1-16, 1993. Type: Article

The author presents new definitions for weak and strong regions in a control-flow graph and presents nearly-linear-time algorithms for computing these regions. Computing strong regions is important in code scheduling, permitting movement of instru...

Feb 1 1995
  Abstract description of pointer data structures: an approach for improving the analysis and optimization of imperative programs
Hummel J., Hendren L., Nicolau A.  ACM Letters on Programming Languages and Systems 1(3): 243-260, 1992. Type: Article

The authors discuss the inherent difficulties in optimizing programs with pointer data structures and present a mechanism for augmenting the syntax for pointer variable declarations with useful descriptive information. The primary problem addresse...

Dec 1 1994
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