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ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction
ACM Press
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  Digital behaviour change interventions to break and form habits
Pinder C., Vermeulen J., Cowan B., Beale R.  ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction 25(3): 1-66, 2018. Type: Article, Reviews: (2 of 2)

In simple terms, a habit is defined as a learned impulse. This paper explores the multifaceted world of behavioral change and the myriad associated theories. It is difficult to summarize the complexity and range of theories explored by this paper ...

Aug 23 2021
  Adaptive architecture and personal data
Schnädelbach H., Jäger N., Urquhart L.  ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction 26(2): 1-31, 2019. Type: Article

This paper focuses on the implications of sensors embedded in buildings to make the buildings responsive to people. An important issue is privacy. One reason these privacy issues are important is the European Union’s General Data Protection ...

Nov 20 2020
  Blending human and artificial intelligence to support autistic children’s social communication skills
Porayska-Pomsta K., Alcorn A., Avramides K., Beale S., Bernardini S., Foster M., Frauenberger C., Good J., Guldberg K., Keay-Bright W., Kossyvaki L., Lemon O., Mademtzi M., Menzies R., Pain H., Rajendran G., Waller A., Wass S., Smith T.  ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction 25(6): 1-35, 2018. Type: Article

Children with autism spectrum conditions (ASC) experience various levels of difficulty in social communication and interaction, in addition to showing restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior....

Mar 12 2020
  Objects with intent: designing everyday things as collaborative partners
Rozendaal M., Boon B., Kaptelinin V.  ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction 26(4): 1-33, 2019. Type: Article

As electronics shrink and become cheaper, everyday objects can be endowed with significant computational capabilities. An observer or user can then perceive aspects of agency and intelligence in such objects. In this paper, the authors explore the...

Aug 26 2019
  Responding to sensitive disclosures on social media: a decision-making framework
Andalibi N., Forte A.  ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction 25(6): 1-29, 2018. Type: Article

What is it about disclosing personal information online through social media sites, especially when sensitive information is delicate not only for the discloser but for responders, too? Disclosing personal information is always a risky activity, o...

Mar 26 2019
   From being there to watching: shared and dedicated telepresence robot usage at academic conferences
Neustaedter C., Singhal S., Pan R., Heshmat Y., Forghani A., Tang J.  ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction 25(6): 1-39, 2018. Type: Article

“I was there” is a sentence that in the future might be synonymous with remotely watching, or being telepresent. When the “being there“ means attending scientific events aimed at increasing scientific cooperation with peers...

Mar 1 2019
  Infrastructural inaccessibility: tech entrepreneurs in occupied Palestine
Bjørn P., Boulus-Rødje N.  ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction 25(5): 1-31, 2018. Type: Article

The paper describes how “tech entrepreneurs in occupied Palestine” are hindered by a lack of access to infrastructure. Particular immediate issues are identified: mobility, legal frameworks, payment gateways, and mobile Internet....

Dec 12 2018
   Digital behaviour change interventions to break and form habits
Pinder C., Vermeulen J., Cowan B., Beale R.  ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction 25(3): 1-66, 2018. Type: Article, Reviews: (1 of 2)

Whenever research on behavior is in progress, a special category is also under review in terms of habit. In the context of behavior change, it is of interest to find how habit could influence behavior, especially in digital environments. Thus, it ...

Sep 27 2018
  Designing for transformative play
Back J., Segura E., Waern A.  ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction 24(3): 1-28, 2017. Type: Article

Could the design of specific game types lead to better user experiences? Does a specific type of game make it more enjoyable, and increase the quality of the user experience? This highly interesting paper is addressed to researchers and practition...

Apr 9 2018
  Toward a geographic understanding of the sharing economy: systemic biases in UberX and TaskRabbit
Thebault-Spieker J., Terveen L., Hecht B.  ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction 24(3): 1-40, 2017. Type: Article

In the sharing economy (dynamic services for consumers for ride sharing, resource sharing for paid part-time work, and so on), the physical geographical area where the consumer resides or uses the service plays a vital role in how the service is a...

Mar 5 2018
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