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ACM Transactions on Asian Language Information Processing
ACM Press
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  Arabic text categorization based on Arabic Wikipedia
Yahya A., Salhi A.  ACM Transactions on Asian Language Information Processing 13(1): 1-20, 2014. Type: Article

Text categorization in free-text documents is a much-explored field when the written texts are in English. There is also literature available on the study of, and support for, Middle Eastern and Asian languages. Categorizing texts into predefined ...

Jun 6 2014
  Inducing morphemes using light knowledge
Tepper M., Xia F.  ACM Transactions on Asian Language Information Processing 9(1): 1-38, 2010. Type: Article

The morphological analysis of texts has resulted in improvements in speech recognition error rates and in information retrieval, as well as other areas where computational linguistics is used. The creation of rule-based morphological analyzers rel...

Jun 25 2010
  Conjugation-based compression for Hebrew texts
Wiseman Y., Gefner I.  ACM Transactions on Asian Language Information Processing 6(1): 4-es, 2007. Type: Article

A compression technique designed for the Hebrew language is presented in this paper. The well-known Burrows-Wheeler algorithm is used, but a preprocessing step makes use of the fact that Hebrew words are derived from roots of two, three, or four l...

Jun 27 2007
  Effect of relationships between words on Japanese information retrieval
Matsumura A., Takasu A., Adachi J.  ACM Transactions on Asian Language Information Processing 5(3): 264-289, 2006. Type: Article

The most common approach to the implementation of information retrieval (IR) systems is the term frequency-inverse document frequency (tf-idf) model. In this model, in a given document, a word with high document frequency and low collection freque...

May 18 2007
  On a combination of probabilistic and Boolean IR models for WWW document retrieval
Yoshioka M., Haraguchi M.  ACM Transactions on Asian Language Information Processing 4(3): 340-356, 2005. Type: Article

The authors presume that readers will have substantial knowledge of the details of query reformulation in the context of information retrieval (IR), including background material, acronyms, and a significant familiarity with some of the mathematic...

Jun 5 2006
  Japanese question-answering system using A* search and its improvement
Mori T.  ACM Transactions on Asian Language Information Processing 4(3): 280-304, 2005. Type: Article

Typical question-answering systems accept questions of the types who, when, where, what, and how. The response is generated as the result of a search applied to a document base. Because this document collection may include documents from the Web, ...

Mar 9 2006
  Rich results from poor resources: NTCIR-4 monolingual and cross-lingual retrieval of Korean texts using Chinese and English
Kwok K., Choi S., Dinstl N.  ACM Transactions on Asian Language Information Processing 4(2): 136-162, 2005. Type: Article

Cross-lingual information retrieval (CLIR) is considered very important, since it results in more flexible information retrieval systems. This work presents an interesting approach for information retrieval in collections of Korean documents. Both...

Mar 2 2006
  Towards effective strategies for monolingual and bilingual information retrieval: lessons learned from NTCIR-4
Qu Y., Hull D., Grefenstette G., Evans D., Ishikawa M., Nara S., Ueda T., Noda D., Arita K., Funakoshi Y., Matsuda H.  ACM Transactions on Asian Language Information Processing 4(2): 78-110, 2005. Type: Article

This substantial paper will be very useful for researchers working in automated information retrieval (IR), but not for a general audience. It describes, in great detail, techniques for both monolingual IR in English and Japanese, and Japanese-Eng...

Feb 24 2006
  Flexible pseudo-relevance feedback via selective sampling
Sakai T., Manabe T., Koyama M.  ACM Transactions on Asian Language Information Processing 4(2): 111-135, 2005. Type: Article

A modification to the mechanism suggested in previous work to improve information retrieval performance via relevance feedback is presented in this paper. In this case, the authors consider pseudo-relevance feedback (PRF), which takes the top
Jan 26 2006
  Analysis and modeling of F0 contours for Cantonese text-to-speech
Li Y., Lee T., Qian Y.  ACM Transactions on Asian Language Information Processing 3(3): 169-180, 2004. Type: Article

The fundamental frequency (F0) of human speech is the critical factor in creating synthetic speech with natural prosody, the temporal and rhythmic properties of human utterance that make speech sound natural rather than robotic. Mechanical techniq...

Feb 24 2005
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