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ACM Inroads
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  Making noise: using sound-art to explore technological fluency
Brunvand E., McCurdy N.  ACM Inroads 8(2): 60-65, 2017. Type: Article

A computing course for non-majors, where the students explored sound art--art for which sound is the principle medium--is described in this article. Note that sound art is distinct from music (although there may be some overlap), a disti...

Sep 25 2017
  Lovelace & Babbage and the creation of the 1843 ‘notes’
Füegi J., Francis J.  ACM Inroads 6(3): 78-86, 2015. Type: Article

This paper is a fascinating expansion of research into the history of computation that appeared in the documentary film To Dream Tomorrow, created by the paper’s two authors. Specifically, the authors look at documentary evidence̵...

Apr 19 2016
  Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose
Schou C.  ACM Inroads 6(2): 64-69, 2015. Type: Article

History repeats itself. That is the premise of the paper. Since the 1960s, there has been a lot of discussion and standards/organizations/certificates/buzzwords on security, with a lot of duplicate work. The paper is very timely in this era of sec...

Jul 21 2015
  Priorities for the non-majors, CS course: programming may not make the cut
Walker H.  ACM Inroads 6(1): 46-49, 2015. Type: Article

The design of computer science courses for nonmajors is a tangled web full of decisions. What should nonmajors learn about computers and computing? How should nonmajors learn in computer science courses? How should academic rigor and relevance be ...

Apr 15 2015
   Computational thinking in a non-majors CS course requires a programming component
Walker H.  ACM Inroads 6(1): 58-61, 2015. Type: Article

Modern academic disciplines make use of computers in teaching and learning. Computational thinking is a valuable concept for helping students to reason precisely about accurate and efficient solutions to a variety of real-world problems. However, ...

Apr 14 2015
  A more humanized way to query a database system
Yang F.  ACM Inroads 4(4): 68-72, 2013. Type: Article

Interfaces that are not user-friendly often limit the usability of a system. The author notes that user interfaces that do not take human factors into consideration frustrate users and limit the functionality of the system....

Apr 28 2014
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