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  Big data analytics in science
Wei Wang. KDD2016 video, 01:02:20, published on Apr 4, 2016, Type: Video

The presenter frequently refers to slides on a screen via hand gestures; however, except for one instance, less than one-quarter of any slide is ever visible in the video. As a result, the presented material is very difficult to follow...

Dec 5 2018
  Computational memory: a stepping stone to non-von Neumann computing?
Abu Sebastian. YouTube, 01:20:34, published on Mar 8, 2018, stanfordonline, Type: Video

The topic of this video presentation is computational memory (CM), a seemingly fascinating new paradigm in computing. The presenter’s approach to the topic is captivating; when you start the video, you just want to proceed fo...

Sep 27 2018
  Toward the robots of science fiction
Aaron D. Ames. YouTube, 00:49:33, published on Dec 7, 2017, Caltech, Type: Video

It was a pleasure to watch this presentation about the future of robotics, a hotly debated topic fueled by the controversy between robots defeating humans and robots augmenting and assisting humans, for example, prostheses and exoskele...

Sep 12 2018
  A brief history of data visualization
Jeffrey Heer. YouTube, 01:27:13, published on Mar 22, 2017, Stanford, Type: Video

This is a 1.5-hour video of a PowerPoint lecture on the history of data visualization. The first 40 minutes is a survey of historical attempts at data visualization with numerous illustrations. The examples were interesting but would h...

May 10 2018
   Don Knuth: The analysis of algorithms
Don Knuth. YouTube, 01:02:33, published on Jan 30, 2017, stanfordonline, Type: Video

Don Knuth needs no introduction. Computer science labs around the world are decorated with posters of Professor Knuth, and many academics have on their bookshelves at least the first volume of The art of computer programming [1]...

May 8 2018
  Hiding the metadata in communication systems
Dan Boneh. YouTube, 00:55:34, published on Jan 24, 2017, University of Washington Computer Science & Engineering, Type: Video

Security and privacy are two critical concerns in today’s mobile world, especially with regard to the Internet, social networking, and communications systems such as chat systems and messaging. Great strides have been made in...

Jan 3 2018
  Building lexical resources for NLP
Derry Wijaya. YouTube, 00:55:28, published on May 21, 2017, Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2), Type: Video

This video comes from the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2) and first appeared on YouTube on May 21, 2017. The speaker addresses the problem of automating the extension of existing natural language processing (NLP) reso...

Aug 23 2017
  The quest for low storage latency changes everything
Rick Coulson. YouTube, 01:29:40, published on Mar 3, 2016, stanfordonline, Type: Video

This video presentation gives an introduction to 3D XPoint, Intel’s next-generation non-volatile memory (NVM) technology, developed by Intel and Micron. The presenter, Rick Coulson, senior fellow at Intel and leader of the In...

Jul 3 2017
  Being an applied computer scientist
Gregory Abowd. YouTube, 00:45:24, published on Apr 21, 2016, Michigan Engineering, Type: Video

In this video, Abowd provides an excellent overview of being an applied computer scientist. The talk combines Abowd’s research interests with his personal quest that ubiquitous computing elements “weave themselves i...

Jun 13 2017
   Play ethics: values, virtues and videogames
Miguel Sicart. YouTube, 00:56:43, published on Mar 28, 2016, Stanford, Type: Video

Sicart’s groundbreaking work has clarified the ethics of gaming. In this presentation, he notes that he is a scholar of play who, interestingly enough, no longer plays video games....

Mar 30 2017
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