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Web log analysis: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
We are all aware that computer systems log user activity. Exactly what, if anything, is done with these logs is less clear. In this paper, Agosti et al. review log analysis research over the past ten years to trace the state of the art in...
Query Processing (H.2.4...) | Jan 11 22

Distributed joins and data placement for minimal network traffic: ACM Transactions on Database Systems
This paper introduces the track join algorithm, which greatly reduces the network traffic and total execution time of join queries between distributed database tables. Even fast hardware still struggles...
General (H.0) | Jan 13 22

Integrating runtime data with development data to monitor external quality: challenges from practice:
Aghabayli et al. describe a case study that integrates “software runtime data with development data in order to understand and predict” whether or not problems that occur “during the use of the software (external quality)” can be...
General (H.0) | Jan 18 22

Incorporating system-level objectives into recommender systems:
This paper proposes and evaluates two algorithms for recommendation systems. Most recommendation systems concentrate on optimizing one primary metric, for example, the advantage of a consumer...
General (H.0) | Jan 20 22

Next and next new POI recommendation via latent behavior pattern inference: ACM Transactions on Information Systems
The objective of a recommender system is to suggest relevant items or preferences to users. Similar to other recommendations, for example, for products, movies or books, point-of-interest (POI) recommendations...
General (H.0) | Jan 25 22

Ludics: play as humanistic inquiry

This book is a collection of 20 essays on the philosophy and sociology of games and play. Lest this sound a little too arcane, I would point out that this is obviously relevant to the design of video games of all kinds. And it can help us understand the design and...
Games (K.8...) | Jan 4 22

Cognitive Internet of Things

The introduction to this book cites its aim: “to collect a series of state-of-the-art contributions to the fields of computational neuroscience, computational cognition and perception, computer vision, natural language processing, human action analysis and related...
Internet (C.2.1...) | Jan 7 22

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