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Law, technology and policies:
The profoundly worded title refers to issues that are not profoundly analyzed in the paper. The authors discuss the presumably poor performance of a government-owned electronic market portal (relative to privately owned...
Legal Aspects Of Computing (K.5) | Sep 1 21

EventAction: ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems
If tables of complex data lack sufficient visual analytics illustrations on which recommender system to use, users will go to another website for better illustrations. The more complex the analysis of similar record...
Visual (I.6.8...) | Sep 9 21

Creating good data: a guide to dataset structure and data representation

The dream of all writers: to be the right person, at the right place, at the right time. Harry Foxwell hit the jackpot: (1) An excellent author with a gift of insight. (2) The right place: the world. (3) The right time: the pandemic. Every scientist, every research...
Data Types And Structures (D.3.3...) | Sep 2 21

User friendly: how the hidden rules of design are changing the way we live, work, and play

Books that focus on a narrow topic but extend to powerful depths of detail are rare. User-friendliness is such a topic that has deeper connotations. Hence, this book is an effort to dive deep into two viewpoints of user-friendliness: “easy to use” and “easy...
Social And Behavioral Sciences (J.4) | Sep 3 21

Intelligent systems and methods to combat Covid-19

The book describes intelligent systems and methods to combat Covid-19. It is composed of ten chapters. The first chapter describes multimodal algorithms to predict Covid-19. It provides background to distinguish between machine learning classification and clustering...
Health (J.3...) | Sep 6 21

Inclusive design for a digital world: designing with accessibility in mind

Having taught courses in user-centered design (UCD) and human-computer interaction (HCI) for over 20 years, I am familiar with both the history of the field and the methods and tools currently in use. On several occasions, I’ve also had the chance to work...
Assistive Technologies For Persons With Disabilities (K.4.2...) | Sep 7 21

Quality of experience and learning in information systems

The primary mission of this book is to discuss the experiences (in toto) of anyone learning and using any new infonomics technology. However, that experience is viewed from several venues, that is, trust, bias in design, and personal freedom. As the various...
Social And Behavioral Sciences (J.4) | Sep 8 21

Doing agile right: transformation without chaos

By now most computing professionals know that, according to the 2001 Agile Manifesto, agile practitioners aim to improve software development by valuing “individuals and interactions over processes and tools,” “working software over comprehensive documentation...
Software Development (K.6.3...) | Sep 10 21

Retrospectives antipatterns

The book is a collection of antipatterns that can emerge while conducting retrospectives in agile environments. The antipatterns discussed are from the author’s experiences. The collection includes structural, planning, and people antipatterns. The preface introduces...
Software Maintenance (K.6.3...) | Sep 13 21

Digital image forensics

The introduction promises a great deal for an 89-page volume: the text “investigate[s] which device (or class of device) captured or formed the image” with “several state-of-the-art techniques ... reviewed in detail”; and seven kinds of image forgery detection are...
Image Processing And Computer Vision (I.4) | Sep 14 21

Enterprise risk management models (3rd ed.)

From the back cover: “This book offers a comprehensive guide to several aspects of risk, including information systems, disaster management, supply chain and disaster management perspectives”--the redundancy is not explained. It goes on: “This book comes at...
Business (J.1...) | Sep 15 21

Exploring advanced features in C#

Words like “advanced” and “expert” are vague enough to be almost meaningless. It is not unreasonable to expect, however, that a book with the word “advanced” in the title will deliver more than a general...
C# (D.3.2...) | Sep 16 21

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