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Fowler, Susan
FAST Consulting
Staten Island, New York
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Susan Fowler is a co-owner of FAST Consulting, and runs training seminars on Web application interface design (

FAST Consulting has done application design for major Wall Street, pharmaceutical, reinsurance, and telecommunications firms. Susan recently led a multicultural team designing diagram and mapping software for Telcordia Technologies in Piscataway, NJ.

In addition to her corporate work, she teaches technical communication to engineering students at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, NJ. In 1998, she taught English for a month in Masan, South Korea, at Kyungnam University. In 2004, she received a master’s degree in education, with a concentration on English as a second language, from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Susan is co-author with Victor Stanwick of three software design books, The GUI style guide, The GUI design handbook, and the Web application design handbook (Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 2004).

Her current research interests include sound interface design and complex software decision-support systems.

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   The language of images: the forms and the forces
Dondero M.,  Addison-Wesley, Boston, MA, 2020. 311 pp. Type: Book (978-1-367882-46-1)

The language of images is a very densely argued and annotated book about the meaning of images from a semiotician’s point of view. Semiotics is the study of signs and symbols, such as traffic signs, emojis, alphabets, and logos, treat...

May 20 2021  
  Smart clothing: connecting human with clouds and big data for sustainable health monitoring
Chen M., Ma Y., Song J., Lai C., Hu B.  Mobile Networks and Applications 21(5): 825-845, 2016. Type: Article

This paper isn’t about smart clothing, really, even though there are long descriptions of the things you have to think about when you’re embedding wires and sensors in fabric (how often can you put that shirt through the washer, and ho...

Mar 31 2017  
  Design thinking research: making design thinking foundational
Plattner H., Meinel C., Leifer L.,  Springer Publishing Company, Incorporated, New York, NY, 2015. 290 pp. Type: Book (978-3-319196-40-4)

Compilations are usually a mixed bag, with some great papers and a few that leave you scratching your head. Design thinking research is like that. For example, “Preserving Access to Previous System States in the Lively Kernel” i...

Jan 27 2016  
  Who will retweet this? Detecting strangers from Twitter to retweet information
Lee K., Mahmud J., Chen J., Zhou M., Nichols J.  ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology 6(3): 1-25, 2015. Type: Article

The authors of this paper are from Google, IBM Research, and Utah State University. These are smart folks, and the study shows it....

Jul 8 2015  
  Overview of auditory representations in human-machine interfaces
Csapó Á., Wersényi G.  ACM Computing Surveys 46(2): 1-23, 2013. Type: Article

The title of this paper is accurate: It is an overview of the various categories of sounds developers have created to provide information and entertainment to software users. The authors list the various types of sounds that are currently used in ...

Mar 11 2014  
  Extracting usability and user experience information from online user reviews
Hedegaard S., Simonsen J.  CHI 13 (Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Paris, France,  Apr 27-May 2, 2013) 2089-2098, 2013. Type: Proceedings

When I read this paper, it reminded me of a conference poster I’d seen many years ago. The poster authors had come up with a method for spell-checking using Google search. They reasoned that, if you searched for a word and Google didn’...

Sep 13 2013  
  An evaluation tool for research of user behavior in a realistic mobile environment
Maly I., Mikovec Z., Vystrcil J., Franc J., Slavik P.  Personal and Ubiquitous Computing 17(1): 3-14, 2013. Type: Article

I suppose I should have guessed that this paper was about evaluating a tool for evaluating usability, rather than a usability test itself, but I became more and more confused as I read on. “Where is this heading?” I asked myself....

Apr 9 2013  
  It’s our research: getting stakeholder buy-in for user experience research projects
Sharon T.,  Morgan Kaufmann Publishers Inc., San Francisco, CA, 2012. 288 pp. Type: Book (978-0-123851-30-7)

It’s a rare book that makes me nearly miss my subway stop. I often read technical material on my commute from the Staten Island Ferry to my office on 39th Street, and I usually find myself yawning as I plod through another tiresome report. N...

Dec 5 2012  
  Facets of simplicity for the smartphone interface: a structural model
Choi J., Lee H.  International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 70(2): 129-142, 2012. Type: Article

Every time a new platform comes along--first DOS, then Windows, then the Web, and now smartphones and tablets--developers have to struggle for a while to get by without the tools they had become familiar with on the earlier platform. Eve...

Mar 16 2012  
  User requirement analysis for a railway ticketing portal with emphasis on semantic accessibility for older users
Leitner M., Subasi Ö., Höller N., Geven A., Tscheligi M.  W4A 2009 (Proceedings of the 2009 International Cross-Disciplinary Conference on Web Accessibililty, Madrid, Spain,  Apr 20-21, 2009) 114-122, 2009. Type: Proceedings

Dynamic ads--what the authors refer to as logical advertising--change according to what the viewer does on the Web site. For example, if the viewer searches for a particular destination, an ad offering a discount to that destination appe...

Aug 6 2010  
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