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Mencl, Vladimir
Wellington, New Zealand
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  Here we go again: Why is it difficult for developers to learn another programming language?: NULL
Shrestha N., Botta C., Barik T., Parmin C. Communications of the ACM 65(3): 91-99, 2022.  Type: Article

It is common for programmers to switch programming languages--quite often, new work happens to involve a new programming language and the programmer has to just dive into it. Many have experienced this, along with the ups and ...

Jun 7 2022  
   A study examining relationships between micro patterns and security vulnerabilities
Sultana K., Williams B., Bhowmik T. Software Quality Journal 27(1): 5-41, 2019.  Type: Article

Do you have an unlimited budget for code review and testing? Or can you ignore security vulnerabilities in the code? If not, you might be interested in this novel way of allocating code review and testing resources to better detect sec...

Nov 5 2020  
   Designing password policies for strength and usability
Shay R., Komanduri S., Durity A., Huh P., Mazurek M., Segreti S., Ur B., Bauer L., Christin N., Cranor L. ACM Transactions on Information and System Security 18(4): Article No. 13, 2016.  Type: Article

Have you ever wondered why some websites use really annoying password policies? Or have you been responsible for designing a password policy for your organization, and been caught between the users’ demands for easy-to-rememb...

Jun 27 2017  
  Taking back control of privacy: a novel framework for preserving cloud-based firewall policy confidentiality
Kurek T., Niemiec M., Lason A. International Journal of Information Security 15(3): 235-250, 2016.  Type: Article

Would you intentionally make your firewall leak packets that are supposed to be blocked? This paper presents an interesting argument for when this might be desired....

Sep 12 2016  
  Detection and analysis of eavesdropping in anonymous communication networks
Chakravarty S., Portokalidis G., Polychronakis M., Keromytis A. International Journal of Information Security 14(3): 205-220, 2015.  Type: Article

Have you ever used an anonymizing overlay network? And even if you haven’t, how much trust would you put in one? The Tor network is getting a large number of users (500,000+), but what are the associated privacy risks?...

Oct 6 2015  
   Privacy preserved attribute aggregation to avoid correlation of user activities across Shibboleth SPs
Nakamura M., Nishimura T., Yamaji K., Sato H., Okabe Y.  COMPSACW 2013 (Proceedings of the 2013 IEEE 37th Annual Computer Software and Applications Conference Workshops, Kyoto, Japan, Jul 22-26, 2013) 367-372, 2013.  Type: Proceedings

Have you ever encountered a problem where you thought you had to dig a tunnel through the hard way, but then saw you can instead fly around it?...

Jun 11 2014  
  Security in grid computing: a review and synthesis
Cody E., Sharman R., Rao R., Upadhyaya S. Decision Support Systems 44(4): 749-764, 2008.  Type: Article

A grid connects loosely connected resources in separate administrative domains and organizations. As the whole concept of a computational grid is still evolving, quite a few competing and complementary solutions exist. Some of them add...

Oct 15 2009  
  Metamodel-based model conformance and multiview consistency checking
Paige R., Brooke P., Ostroff J. ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology 16(3): 11-es, 2007.  Type: Article

Checking the consistency of models is vitally important for the success of model-driven development. For the correct operation of tools, it is essential to be able to check that a given model conforms to the rules imposed by its metamo...

Dec 28 2007  
   Tool support for detecting defects in object-oriented models
Górski J., Jarzebowicz A., Leszczyna R., Miler J., Olszewski M. In Enhanced methods in computer security, biometric and artificial intelligence systems. London: Springer-Verlag, 2005.  Type: Book Chapter

Defects in object-oriented designs are more costly to repair if they are detected later in the software development process. Early detection of defects should significantly reduce development costs. Apart from detecting obvious syntact...

Nov 6 2006  
  Temporal skeletons for verifying time
Naeser G., Lundqvist K., Asplund L.  Ada (Proceedings of the 2005 Annual ACM SIGAda International Conference on Ada, Atlanta, GA, USA, Nov 13-17, 2005) 49-56, 2005.  Type: Proceedings

In spite of recent developments, formal methods are still not widely used in practice, mostly because of their complexity and need for special training. This situation may be remedied by a formal method that hides the complexity from i...

Feb 9 2006  
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