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  The long road ahead to transition to post-quantum cryptography
LaMacchia B.  Communications of the ACM 65(1): 28-30, 2022. Type: Article

In this article, the author asserts the following:...

Jul 14 2022
  Secure and effective implementation of an IOTA light node using STM32
Stucchi D., Susella R., Fragneto P., Rossi B.  BlockSys 2019 (Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Blockchain-enabled Networked Sensor, New York, NY,  Nov 10, 2019) 28-29, 2019. Type: Proceedings

Sensor systems and Internet of Things (IoT) environments raise a new major challenge to security. Some of these issues can be solved with blockchain protocols, for example, distributed ledger technologies (DLTs); however, “it is still not cl...

Mar 15 2021
   Foundations of information security: a straightforward introduction
Andress J.,  No Starch Press, San Francisco, CA, 2019. 248 pp. Type: Book (978-1-718500-04-4)

Like the subtitle suggests, this book is a gentle introduction to the subject of information security. It doesn’t assume any special background from the reader other than an understanding of the basic concepts of information technology (IT),...

Feb 2 2021
  Cybercryptography: applicable cryptography for cyberspace security
Yan S.,  Springer International Publishing, New York, NY, 2019. 436 pp. Type: Book (978-3-319725-34-5), Reviews: (2 of 2)

Cybersecurity is a major challenge today, as computing systems and networks play an increasingly important role in modern society. Cryptography addresses this problem based on mathematical theory, trying to ensure secure communication over insecur...

Aug 24 2020
  Security and privacy on blockchain
Zhang R., Xue R., Liu L.  ACM Computing Surveys 52(3): 1-34, 2019. Type: Article

While still controversial in terms of mainstream use, the study, research, and development of all things blockchain has been moving ahead full steam. Interestingly, while distributed ledger technology (DLT) is intrinsically perceived to be more se...

May 27 2020
  Smart and digital cities: from computational intelligence to applied social sciences
Coelho V., Coelho I., Oliveira T., Ochi L.,  Springer International Publishing, New York, NY, 2019. 309 pp. Type: Book (978-3-030122-54-6)

This collection covers a range of topics related to smart and digital cities. The book’s four parts (18 chapters) lead the reader from theories to simulations to social science discussions, all related to the subject. Each chapter comes from...

Apr 15 2020
   An introduction to data: everything you need to know about AI, big data and data science
Corea F.,  Springer International Publishing, New York, NY, 2019. 131 pp. Type: Book (978-3-030044-67-1)

Are you an early practitioner, researcher, business/experience executive, or entrepreneur who uses artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and data sciences in financial services, private investment, or related sectors? This book will help you dev...

Feb 5 2020
  Lai-Massey cipher designs: history, design criteria and cryptanalysis
Nakahara J.,  Springer International Publishing, New York, NY, 2018. 726 pp. Type: Book (978-3-319682-72-3)

Ciphers, which are widely used for encrypting communication, are often classified as either stream ciphers or block ciphers. A stream cipher is defined as “a symmetric cipher that operates with a time-varying transformation on individual pla...

Jan 13 2020
  Cryptographic and information security approaches for images and videos
Ramakrishnan S.,  CRC Press, Inc., Boca Raton, FL, 2019. 986 pp. Type: Book (978-1-138563-84-1)

Cryptography is the art of securing communications transmitted through insecure channels. It consists of mechanisms to keep the data confidential by preventing access to unapproved individuals, maintaining the integrity of the data through an abil...

Nov 26 2019
   Decrypting the encryption debate: a framework for decision makers
National Academies of Sciences .,  NATIONAL ACADEMY PRESS, Washington, DC, 2018. 118 pp. Type: Book (978-0-309471-53-4)

Both business and government organizations routinely protect information by encrypting data. Encryption is also used to protect information from the prying eyes of competitors and foreign governments, becoming an important and indispensable tool f...

Nov 22 2019
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