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  Asymptotically efficient lattice-based digital signatures
Lyubashevsky V., Micciancio D.  Journal of Cryptology 31(3): 774-797, 2018. Type: Article

This paper proposes a general framework for designing a one-time signature scheme using “certain types of linear collision-resistant hash functions.” Using a standard transformation (for example, signatures based on hash trees), a gene...

Oct 2 2018
  A modified exhaustive search on a password system using SHA-1
Kim M., Jung Y., Song J.  International Journal of Information Security 16(3): 263-269, 2017. Type: Article

Nowadays information is more and more of an asset; as such, it is becoming ever more important as evidence in law enforcement cases. Being valuable, information is often encrypted; thus law enforcement bodies must have access to methods and tools ...

Jul 6 2017
  Analytic queries over geospatial time-series data using distributed hash tables
Malensek M., Pallickara S., Pallickara S.  IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering 28(6): 1408-1422, 2016. Type: Article

This paper explores the advantages and complications of using a novel indexing scheme for managing big data and geospatial attributes. The indexing system is built with the goal of an optimal compromise among scalability, expressiveness, and perfo...

Jul 21 2016
  Compressed matrix multiplication
Pagh R.  ACM Transactions on Computation Theory 5(3): 1-17, 2013. Type: Article, Reviews: (2 of 2)

This paper is concerned with approximating a matrix product, that is, finding the large entries (AB){i,j} [and the corresponding indices (i,j...

Jul 18 2014
  Compressed matrix multiplication
Pagh R.  ACM Transactions on Computation Theory 5(3): 1-17, 2013. Type: Article, Reviews: (1 of 2)

There has been a lot of research on matrix multiplication algorithms in the recent past. For insight, one should read the second volume of Knuth’s wonderful set of books on algorithms [1]....

Jun 5 2014
  A complete guide to PivotTables: a visual approach
Cornell P.,  APress, LP, Berkeley, CA, 2004. 368 pp. Type: Book (9781590594322)

Having sat through several workshops where the presenters gave a number of examples of, and reasons for, using Excel’s PivotTables, I was very interested in reviewing a book on the subject. How could anyone find enough material to write ...

Jan 6 2006
  Introduction to algorithms
Cormen T., Leiserson C., Rivest R., Stein C.,  MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2001. 1179 pp. Type: Book (9780262032933)

This is an excellent introduction to a fundamental area of computer science: algorithms. It covers a significant number of algorithms rigorously, including techniques for their design and analysis....

Apr 23 2002
  How to sign digital streams
Gennaro R., Rohatgi P.  Information and Computation 165(1): 100-116, 2001. Type: Article

The authors present methods to cryptographically sign finite and infinite length digital streams while reducing computational requirements of previous methods. The authors divide the stream into blocks and embed the signing information in th...

Dec 1 2001
  Data structures and algorithm analysis in C (2nd ed.)
Weiss M.,  Addison-Wesley Longman Publishing Co., Inc., Boston, MA, 1997.Type: Book (9780201498400)

Weiss’s well-written, informative, and up-to-date textbook is essentially similar to the previous edition in C [1] and other versions in C++ and Ada [2,3]. Like the others, the C version is strong on the analysis of algorithms and extremely ...

Feb 1 1998
  Recursive hashing functions for n-grams
Cohen J.  ACM Transactions on Information Systems 15(3): 291-320, 1997. Type: Article

An n-gram is a sequence of n consecutive symbols taken from a stream of symbols, such as a document. In several contexts, such as indexing, retrieval, and comparison, it is necessary to hash-code every such
Nov 1 1997
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