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  Cyber-physical systems: a model-based approach
Taha W., Taha A., Thunberg J., Springer International Publishing, Cham, Switzerland, 2021. 187 pp.  Type: Book (978-3-030360-73-3)

Cyber-physical systems: a model-based approach is for anyone interested in becoming a cyber-physical system designer or innovator of, for example, machines, manufactured products, processes, or the combination of such things. Th...

Aug 4 2022
  Iterative methods for linear systems: theory and applications
Olshanskii M., Tyrtyshnikov E., SIAM, Philadelphia, PA, 2014. 263 pp.  Type: Book (978-1-611973-45-7)

The term “linear systems” in the title refers to equations of the form Ax = b, where x and b are elements of a Euclidean space and
Feb 25 2015
  A fast direct solver for the biharmonic problem in a rectangular grid
Ben-Artzi M., Croisille J., Fishelov D. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 31(1): 303-333, 2008.  Type: Article

The biharmonic problem comes up in important application areas such as fluid dynamics. Methods to solve it have become more complex as computers have improved in speed and storage capacity. The methods are based on a finite-difference ...

Mar 26 2009
   Algorithm 887: CHOLMOD, supernodal sparse Cholesky factorization and update/downdate
Chen Y., Davis T., Hager W., Rajamanickam S. ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software 35(3): 1-14, 2008.  Type: Article

The solution of large sparse positive definite linear systems of equations is a problem frequently encountered in many applications in scientific computing. The dimension of typical problems has grown substantially over the recent year...

Dec 2 2008
  Analysis of the properties of a linear system using the method of artificial basis matrices
Kudin V., Lyashko S., Khritonenko N., Yatsenko Y. Cybernetics and Systems Analysis 43(4): 563-570, 2007.  Type: Article

The framework of the well-known simplex algorithm for linear programming is used to analyze systems of linear algebraic equations and linear algebraic inequalities....

May 28 2008
  Exact and approximate modeling of linear systems: a behavioral approach (Mathematical Modeling and Computation Series)
Markovsky I., Willems J., Huffel S., Moor B., Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Philadelphia, PA, 2006. 206 pp.  Type: Book (9780898716030)

This is an excellent handbook on the behavioral approach to modeling linear systems. To the uninitiated, a behavioral approach may sound like a social science approach to mathematics. While clearly the applications of linear systems ca...

Jun 11 2007
  A multi-dimensional systems theory framework for binary mathematical morphology
Velten J., Kummert A. Multidimensional Systems and Signal Processing 17(2-3): 211-217, 2006.  Type: Article

There are several ways to describe phenomena that spread in a space. One way is to consider them as objects, that is, as subsets of their space. The method that derives from this point of view is called mathematical morphology. Mathema...

Dec 13 2006
  An out-of-core sparse symmetric-indefinite factorization method
Meshar O., Irony D., Toledo S. ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software 32(3): 445-471, 2006.  Type: Article

When the dimensionality of solving a problem for a linear system AX = B exceeds the internal memory of a computer, it needs to be partitioned so that part can be brought into memory and the remaind...

Dec 5 2006
  Efficient algorithms for estimating the general linear model
Yanev P., Kontoghiorghes E. Parallel Computing 32(2): 195-204, 2006.  Type: Article

A sequence of papers by C.C. Paige [1,2,3] introduced the notion of a generalized Q-R decomposition to fit the general linear model min uT...

Nov 23 2006
  Error bounds from extra-precise iterative refinement
Demmel J., Hida Y., Kahan W., Li X., Mukherjee S., Riedy E. ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software 32(2): 325-351, 2006.  Type: Article

Numerical linear algebra is fundamental to computer and computational science and is the central tool of many application fields. This is well illustrated by the popularity of numerical linear algebra software (LINPACK, LAPACK, and so ...

Aug 30 2006
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