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   Decision support systems using MiniZinc
Wallace M.,  Springer International Publishing, New York, NY, 2020. 240 pp. Type: Book (978-3-030417-31-4)

MiniZinc is a free, open-source constraint programming and optimization software that allows anyone to develop programs, spanning from simple optimization to complex resource allocation algorithms. The application is available online (http://www.m...

Jul 21 2021
  Big data privacy preservation for cyber-physical systems
Pan M., Wang J., Errapotu S., Zhang X., Ding J., Han Z.,  Springer International Publishing, New York, NY, 2019. 84 pp. Type: Book (978-3-030133-69-6)

This monograph gives an introduction to cyber-physical systems (CPS). These are systems that are controlled by computers and influence objects in the physical world. Areas discussed include spectrum trading (where specific radio frequencies are pu...

Nov 11 2020
  Descriptive data mining (2nd ed.)
Olson D., Lauhoff G.,  Springer International Publishing, New York, NY, 2019. 130 pp. Type: Book

Data mining when applied in a business context aims to improve decision making and strategic advantages by providing a better understanding of customers, suppliers, employees, and other stakeholders. The algorithms behind data mining may be comple...

Nov 2 2020
  A unified framework with multi-source data for predicting passenger demands of ride services
Wang Y., Lin X., Wei H., Wo T., Huang Z., Zhang Y., Xu J.  ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data 13(6): 1-24, 2019. Type: Article

Ride-sharing service customers look for and deserve fair fares. However, with the use of the Internet to access competing fares when booking shared rides, how should ride-sharing providers forecast passenger demands in order to remain competitive?...

Sep 15 2020
   Transportation systems: managing performance through advanced maintenance engineering
Singh S., Martinetti A., Majumdar A., van Dongen L.,  Springer International Publishing, New York, NY, 2019. 221 pp. Type: Book

This review is being written in the midst of the most terrible calamity that anyone can remember. It is ironic that this magnificent contribution is edited by four giants of transportation literature who are also from four lands deeply affected by...

Aug 12 2020
  AquaEIS: middleware support for event identification in community water infrastructures
Han Q., Mehrotra S., Venkatasubramanian N.  Middleware 2019 (Proceedings of the 20th International Middleware Conference, Davis, CA,  Dec 9-13, 2019) 293-305, 2019. Type: Proceedings

Neither middleware nor events really play a role in this (otherwise interesting) iterative simulation-based localization software applied to identifying--as fast and exactly as possible--the geographical position of faults (here: contami...

Jun 13 2020
  Core data analysis: summarization, correlation, and visualization (2nd ed.)
Mirkin B.,  Springer International Publishing, New York, NY, 2019. 540 pp. Type: Book (978-3-030002-70-1)

Data science recently emerged as a hot topic. Mirkin’s book explores the strength of data analysis from both data summarization and knowledge discovery points of view. In addition to quantified summarization, correlation and visualization (g...

Mar 12 2020
   Discrete fuzzy measures: computational aspects
Beliakov G., James S., Wu J.,  Springer International Publishing, New York, NY, 2020. 245 pp. Type: Book (978-3-030153-04-5)

Decision-making is a problem-solving activity aimed at reckoning a choice by taking into account a possibly large number of constraints, preferences, beliefs, and costs, among other things. It is a complex discipline that requires sophisticated op...

Mar 9 2020
  Big data and the computable society: algorithms and people in the digital world
Talia D.,  World Scientific Publishing Europe Ltd, London, UK, 2019. 184 pp. Type: Book (978-1-786347-06-0)

The rapid growth and pervasiveness of the digital revolution means that the relationships between people, the traceability of their actions, and the behavior of individuals and organizations all now exist in some form as “big data” on ...

Mar 4 2020
  Integration of information flow for greening supply chain management
Kolinski A., Dujak D., Golinska-Dawson P.,  Springer International Publishing, New York, NY, 2020. 415 pp. Type: Book (978-3-030243-54-8)

Actually a monograph, this book presents primary research and original scholarship focused on a single subject, namely the “integration of information flow for greening supply chain management [SCM].” The editors deliver the informatio...

Feb 11 2020
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