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  Jerusalem online: critical cartography for the digital age
Carraro V., Palgrave Macmillan, New York, NY, 2021. 143 pp.  Type: Book (978-9-811633-13-3)

While cartography studies the making and using of maps, this book focuses on a specific case study of critical cartography, that is, when power relations and differing understandings of reality and politics change or shape the making of maps for a...

Mar 14 2023
  From raw sensor data to detailed spatial knowledge
Zhang P., Lee J., Renz J.  IJCAI 2015 (Proceedings of the 24th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Jul 25-31, 2015) 910-916, 2015.  Type: Proceedings

This is an early work toward extracting information on the internal structure of a complex geographical region as a well-defined whole, as opposed, for instance, to a bag of logically disconnected image pixels. The approach uses points...

Dec 16 2015
  An empirical study of algorithms for point-feature label placement
Christensen J., Marks J., Shieber S. ACM Transactions on Graphics 14(3): 203-232, 1995.  Type: Article

Point feature label placement (PFLP), a complex and usually NP-hard problem, is essential for automated cartography. Most approaches, other than arbitrary algorithms that might result in overlapping labels, are based on exhaustive sear...

Aug 1 1996
  An Interpretation System for Land Register Maps
Boatto L., Consorti V., Del Buono M., Melcarne F., Meucci M., Morelli A., Mosciatti M., Scarci S., Tucci M. Computer 25(7): 25-33, 1992.  Type: Article

The major expense in establishing a geographic information system (GIS) is converting paper maps to digital. This paper describes a system that scans and semi-automatically digitizes Italian Land Register Authority maps, allowing thei...

Nov 1 1993
  A Prolog rule-based system for cartographic name placement
Cook A., Jones C. Computer Graphics Forum 9(2): 109-126, 1990.  Type: Article

In the authors’ alternative approach to rule-based systems development, the logic programming language Prolog is used to implement the rules of name placement strategy. They describe the NAMEX logic programming system, which ...

Jan 1 1992
  On the problem of placing names in a geographic map
Freeman H., Ahn J. International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence 1(1): 121-140, 1987.  Type: Article

This research paper describes AUTONAP, a rule-based system for the automated placement of feature labels on a map; it is a concise summary of the objectives and procedures described more fully in Ahn’s 1984 doctoral dissertat...

Jun 1 1988
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