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  Web portals for high-performance computing: a survey
Calegari P., Levrier M., Balczyski P.  ACM Transactions on the Web 13(1): 1-36, 2019. Type: Article

High-performance computing (HPC) offers researchers the performance they need to solve complex problems. However, as these researchers are specialized in areas not related to HPC, web interfaces facilitate the submission of their jobs to HPC syste...

Sep 24 2021
  High-probability minimax probability machines
Cousins S., Shawe-Taylor J.  Machine Learning 106(6): 863-886, 2017. Type: Article

To address the challenges of minimizing the future misclassification rate of a predictor, Lanckriet et al. [1] proposed minimax probability machines (MPMs) based on the minimax approach to build binary classifiers, which minimize the upper bounds ...

Oct 18 2017
   Machine learning as a service for enabling Internet of Things and People
Assem H., Xu L., Buda T., O’Sullivan D.  Personal and Ubiquitous Computing 20(6): 899-914, 2016. Type: Article

The huge amount of data being produced and disseminated through Internet of Things (IoT) platforms every day generates demand for more complex computing solutions to handle data transfers between billions of devices connected to the Internet. The ...

Feb 8 2017
  Model selection in reinforcement learning
Farahmand A., Szepesvári C.  Machine Learning 85(3): 299-332, 2011. Type: Article

This paper considers the problem of finding an optimal action-value function, and choosing the action to perform, in the context of batch reinforcement learning. The learning problem is to identify the best action to take in the context of a Marko...

May 3 2012
  Properties of hybrid systems--a computer science perspective
Stauner T.  Formal Methods in System Design 24(3): 223-259, 2004. Type: Article

In this paper, properties of mixed discrete and continuous systems are clarified for computer scientists, to help them to have a good grasp of corresponding control theory concepts. This authoritatively well-written paper is based on the author...

Dec 13 2004
  Further towards a taxonomy of agent-based simulation models in environmental management
Hare M., Deadman P.  Mathematics and Computers in Simulation 64(1): 25-40, 2004. Type: Article, Reviews: (2 of 2)

Six requirements for the classification of simulation studies of environmental management that are implemented using agent technology are elaborated on in this paper. The requirements are: coupling social and environmental models, micro-level deci...

May 19 2004
  Further towards a taxonomy of agent-based simulation models in environmental management
Hare M., Deadman P.  Mathematics and Computers in Simulation 64(1): 25-40, 2004. Type: Article, Reviews: (1 of 2)

The authors provide an overview of agent-based simulation (ABS) for environmental modelers, with the purpose of linking user requirements to currently available techniques. Although the paper contributes positively to the classification of a restr...

Apr 23 2004
  Parallelism in sequential multiprocessor simulation models: a case study
Sellami H., Yalamanchili S.  ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation 5(2): 101-128, 1995. Type: Article

Discrete event simulation is a complex computer application that uses a great deal of computer resources. It is therefore reasonable to attempt to apply parallel computing to this process. The authors propose a technique to automatically convert e...

Oct 1 1996
  Specification of Fault-Tolerant System Issues by predicate/Transition Nets and Regular Expressions-Approach and Case Study
Belli F., Grosspietsch K.  IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 17(6): 513-526, 1991. Type: Article

A method to systematically integrate fault tolerance properties into the design of complex software systems is presented. This integration is accomplished by means of a formal system specification that uses a combination of a predicate/transition ...

Nov 1 1992
  Using Flat Concurrent Prolog in System Modeling
Dotan Y., Arazi B.  IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 17(6): 493-512, 1991. Type: Article

The evolution of a system with parallel components can be described graphically in terms of a Petri net representation. This representation lends itself naturally to a logic program description. The aim of this paper is to develop the use of Flat ...

Oct 1 1992
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