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   Demystifying smart cities: practical perspectives on how cities can leverage the potential of new technologies
Lisdorf A., Apress, New York, NY, 2020. 232 pp.  Type: Book (978-1-484253-76-2)

How do cities work and evolve? How can technology improve the services provided by a city government to its citizens? What technologies can providers utilize, develop, and integrate to enable cities to do so? This book answers these qu...

May 19 2021
  Technological research methodology to manage organizational change
Ramos H., Ramos P., García-Peñalvo F.  TEEM 2019 (Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Technological Ecosystems for Enhancing Multiculturality, León, Spain, Oct 16-18, 2019) 168-176, 2019.  Type: Proceedings

Change management is essential for all organizations to ensure that the desired benefits of the change process are actually achieved. This paper focuses on the design of a technological research methodology for managing organizational ...

May 14 2021
  Security and defence in Europe
Ramirez J., Biziewski J., Springer International Publishing, New York, NY, 2020. 264 pp.  Type: Book (978-3-030122-92-8)

OK, so it’s another book on security, cyberwarfare, the danger of ..., and the need for an effective and affective defense. But from the first sentence of the excellent prologue, written by Ana Palacio, former Foreign Affairs...

Nov 18 2019
  Accumulation of knowledge in para-scientific areas: the case of analytic philosophy
Petrovich E. Scientometrics 116(2): 1123-1151, 2018.  Type: Article

Without an agreed-upon definition of analytic philosophy, philosophers and historians suggest viewing it as a parascience. Due to the accumulation and growth of knowledge in analytic philosophy, the author considers it an intellectual ...

Aug 30 2019
  Analytics for managerial work
Khatri V., Samuel B. Communications of the ACM 62(4): 100-108, 2019.  Type: Article

This article describes various surveys for determining the role of analytics in different types of managerial works. It specifically surveys managerial works in finance, human resources, marketing, and operations. The works are divided...

Jun 4 2019
  Situated design methods
Simonsen J., Svabo C., Strandvad S., Samson K., Hertzum M., Hansen O., The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2014. 416 pp.  Type: Book (978-0-262027-63-2), Reviews: (2 of 2)

This book is focused on studying situated design methods; it claims that instead of treating design methods as universal, it focuses on situated contexts. It focuses on providing four major situated design categories--situated...

Feb 9 2015
  Situated design methods
Simonsen J., Svabo C., Strandvad S., Samson K., Hertzum M., Hansen O., The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2014. 416 pp.  Type: Book (978-0-262027-63-2), Reviews: (1 of 2)

I found this book quite difficult to read. It purports to be a university-level textbook on multi-disciplinary principles of design. There are some real nuggets of wisdom and knowledge in this book, but the writing makes them difficult...

Feb 5 2015
  Big-data applications in the government sector
Kim G., Trimi S., Chung J. Communications of the ACM 57(3): 78-85, 2014.  Type: Article

Big data analysis is used in both public and private sectors. This article aims to differentiate between the uses of big data analytics in these sectors....

Jun 2 2014
  Decision aid models for disaster management and emergencies
Vitoriano B., Montero J., Ruan D., Atlantis Publishing Corporation, Paris, France, 2013. 340 pp.  Type: Book (978-9-491216-73-2)

Disaster management is a topic of major importance for all human societies, but it is also a hot topic for research, since it essentially concerns extremely complex systems and rare events that most often require the processing and exp...

Jan 17 2014
  Return on investment in social media--Does the hype pay off? Towards an assessment of the profitability of social media in organizations
Kaske F., Kugler M., Smolnik S.  HICSS 2012 (Proceedings of the 45th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Grand Wailea, Maui, HI, Jan 4-7, 2012) 3898-3907, 2012.  Type: Proceedings

Companies are investing significant financial resources into social media initiatives such as microblogs, social networks, video sharing, and crowd-sourcing websites. Is this money well spent? This question is relevant to any corporate...

Feb 26 2013
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