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  Predicting user performance and errors: automated usability evaluation through computational introspection of model-based user interfaces
Halbrügge M.,  Springer International Publishing, New York, NY, 2018. 149 pp. Type: Book (978-3-319603-68-1)

This book focuses on the important and interesting topic of automatic usability evaluation, which has cost-saving potential for designing, deploying, and maintaining applications. This topic, especially automation, is even more relevant in the mul...

Aug 7 2018
  The handbook of formal methods in human-computer interaction
Weyers B., Bowen J., Dix A., Palanque P.,  Springer International Publishing, New York, NY, 2017. 575 pp. Type: Book (978-3-319518-37-4)

Human-computer interaction (HCI), as a discipline, is overwhelmingly experimental. One quick look at the proceedings of CHI [1,2], the leading conference in the domain, will make this clear: almost all papers report on carefully crafted, well-desi...

Jan 22 2018
  Ways of knowing in HCI
Olson J., Kellogg W.,  Springer International Publishing, New York, NY, 2014. 472 pp. Type: Book (978-1-493903-77-1)

The title aroused my curiosity, so I took this book for review expecting to find different types of knowledge and their representation in the context of human-computer interaction (HCI). The book was not about this “knowing.” Nonethele...

Dec 30 2015
  Authentication melee: a usability analysis of seven web authentication systems
Ruoti S., Roberts B., Seamons K.  WWW 2015 (Proceedings of the 24th International World Wide Web Conference, Florence, Italy,  May 18-22, 2015) 916-926, 2015. Type: Proceedings

Authentication systems must be strong enough to ensure confidentiality, accountability, and integrity for a reasonable cost--and be user friendly. Good, publicly available guidance does exist; for instance, see [1]. Usability, on the other ha...

Jul 2 2015
  The effects of home page design on consumer responses: moderating role of centrality of visual product aesthetics
Yoo J., Kim M.  Computers in Human Behavior 38240-247, 2014. Type: Article

This research supports the hypothesis that “a picture is worth a thousand words” when it comes to website design. Drawing on two frameworks, the hierarchy of effects (HOE) model and impression formation theory, the authors used college...

Jun 10 2015
  Engagement periodicity in search engine usage: analysis and its application to search quality evaluation
Drutsa A., Gusev G., Serdyukov P.  WSDM 2015 (Proceedings of the 8th ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining, Shanghai, China,  Feb 2-6, 2015) 27-36, 2015. Type: Proceedings

In the recent cyberspace environment, the intensive and extensive use of search engines is commonplace. Tracking usage patterns of users and then aligning with the implicit user requirements is an essential competition factor among search engine m...

Mar 17 2015
  Eye tracking in user experience design
Bergstrom J., Schall A.,  Morgan Kaufmann Publishers Inc., Waltham, MA, 2014. 400 pp. Type: Book (978-0-124081-38-3)

The design of software interfaces to facilitate user experience (UX) is being impacted by the use of eye tracking methods during test and evaluation. Early techniques for eye tracking were cumbersome; therefore, results were sparse and questionabl...

Jan 14 2015
  Your attention please: designing security-decision UIs to make genuine risks harder to ignore
Bravo-Lillo C., Komanduri S., Cranor L., Reeder R., Sleeper M., Downs J., Schechter S.  SOUPS 2013 (Proceedings of the Ninth Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security, Newcastle, UK,  Jul 24-26, 2013) 1-12, 2013. Type: Proceedings

Pop-up alerts carrying warning messages are issued by an operating system whenever a user wants to grant additional privileges to third-party software. Based on their own prior experience of having granted additional privileges to software from ex...

Apr 2 2014
  Measuring the user experience (2nd ed.): collecting, analyzing, and presenting usability metrics
Tullis T., Albert W.,  Morgan Kaufmann Publishers Inc., San Francisco, CA, 2013. 320 pp. Type: Book (978-0-124157-81-1)

User friendliness is a much desired attribute for devices, processes, and websites. However, it is often taken for granted. At the 2000 Society for Design and Process Science conference, Nobel Laureate Herbert Simon told a story about his experien...

Jan 9 2014
  The usability of collaborative tools: application to business process modelling
Scholtz B., Calitz A., Snyman I.  SAICSIT 2013 (Proceedings of the South African Institute for Computer Scientists and Information Technologists Conference, East London, South Africa,  Oct 7-9, 2013) 347-358, 2013. Type: Proceedings

Business process modeling (BPM), collaboration, mobile devices, and usability are the contributing elements in this insightful paper. BPM is important in both decision making and operational effectiveness. Team-based collaborative modeling can imp...

Nov 21 2013
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