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  Principles of systems science
Mobus G., Kalton M.,  Springer International Publishing, New York, NY, 2015. 755 pp. Type: Book (978-1-493919-19-2)

In October 1995, at the opening ceremonies of the University of Lincolnshire and Humberside (now the University of Lincoln), Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II asked then Dean Mike C. Jackson of the Lincoln School of Management if he could tell her in...

Aug 23 2016
  Fifteen years of grey system theory research: a historical review and bibliometric analysis
Yin M.  Expert Systems with Applications: An International Journal 40(7): 2767-2775, 2013. Type: Article

Real systems are neither black nor white; they are “grey,” that is, imperfectly known....

Mar 12 2015
  On one integral Volterra model of developing dynamical systems
Markova E., Sidorov D.  Automation and Remote Control 75(3): 413-421, 2014. Type: Article

Volterra integral equations of the first kind arise naturally in the description of problems in electrical engineering, the modeling of dynamic impulse systems, nonlinear dynamic systems identification, and of many phenomena in the applied science...

Oct 15 2014
  Reservoir simulation: mathematical techniques in oil recovery (CBMS-NSF Regional Conference Series in Applied Mathematics)
Chen Z.,  Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Philadelphia, PA, 2007. 227 pp. Type: Book (9780898716405)

This book was a bit of a disappointment, for a number of reasons: it is hard to read; it is not, as the title suggests, a hands-on approach to oil reservoir simulation; and it is a compilation of known methods on reservoir modeling. H...

Jul 8 2008
  Advancing social simulation: the first world congress
Takahashi S., Sallach D., Rouchier J.,  Springer-Verlag New York, Inc., Secaucus, NJ, 2007. 354 pp. Type: Book (9784431731504)

This book is a collection of papers selected from those presented at the First World Congress of Social Simulation, held in Japan in August 2006....

May 8 2008
   Real-time PDE-constrained optimization (Computational Science and Engineering)
Biegler L., Ghattas O., Heinkenschloss M., Keyes D., Waanders B.,  Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Philadelphia, PA, 2007. 312 pp. Type: Book (9780898716214)

Optimal control of partial differential equations (PDEs) is at the forefront of many challenging real-life problems that require real-time solutions using reliable large-scale optimization algorithms. The collection of papers in this book presents...

Mar 31 2008
  A model for obstacles to be used in simulations of wireless sensor networks and its application in studying routing protocol performance
Chatzigiannakis I., Mylonas G., Nikoletseas S.  SIMULATION 83(8): 587-608, 2007. Type: Article

Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are a collection of small, simple sensor devices. WSNs are used in applications such as fire detection, industrial process control, and environmental and health monitoring. They generally comprise a number of small ...

Mar 28 2008
  Looking into the future of air transportation modeling and simulation: a grand challenge
Wieland F., Pritchett A.  SIMULATION 83(5): 373-384, 2007. Type: Article

The key to this paper is the “grand challenge” of creating a network to serve the diverse needs of simulation of air transportation....

Feb 8 2008
  A unified particle model for fluid–solid interactions
Solenthaler B., Schläfli J., Pajarola R.  Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds 18(1): 69-82, 2007. Type: Article

In recent years, fluid simulation has become a hot topic in computer graphics. Several physically based methods have been proposed. Using these methods, amorphous phenomena, such as smoke, fire, clouds, and liquids, can be modeled and rendered so ...

Nov 29 2007
  A study of business game stock price algorithms
Wolfe J., Gold S.  Simulation and Gaming 38(2): 153-167, 2007. Type: Article

Business games that simulate the performance of real-world companies often try to calculate the stock price of the company. This paper critically examines the design and output of the respective algorithms of six games. It finds tremendous variati...

Sep 28 2007
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