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  Fifty years of P vs. NP and the possibility of the impossible
Fortnow L.  Communications of the ACM 65(1): 76-85, 2022. Type: Article

The P versus NP problem is one of the most fundamental and well-known unresolved questions in computer science. In comparison with the 2009 Communications article by the same author [1], the current survey is less about progress toward a so...

Jun 27 2022
  Efficient resource sharing algorithm for physical register file in simultaneous multi-threading processors
Zhang Y., Lin W.  Microprocessors & Microsystems 45, Part B, 270-282, 2016. Type: Article

This paper reminds me a lot of previous years of using assembly language and learning to write code with only four registers to hold data. Being trained in these techniques can seriously improve code optimization, as well as how one allocates and ...

Nov 9 2016
  An algorithm for parallel calculation of trigonometric functions
Barrera T., Hast A., Bengtsson E.  CF 2013 (Proceedings of the ACM International Conference on Computing Frontiers, Ischia, Italy,  May 14-16, 2013) 1-4, 2013. Type: Proceedings

The task of computing trigonometric functions is frequently encountered in mathematical software. As a result, there is a substantial interest in fast and efficient algorithms for this task. The authors of this paper recall the classic and often-u...

Jun 4 2013
  SRT division algorithms as dynamical systems
McCann M., Pippenger N.  SIAM Journal on Computing 34(6): 1279-1301, 2005. Type: Article

This paper investigates a family of division algorithms (referred to as Sweeney-Robertson-Tocher (SRT)) as examples of dynamical systems. Although the main result of the paper can be understood without recourse to the dynamical systems theory lite...

Feb 23 2006
   New approach to design for reusability of arithmetic cores in systems-on-chip
Margala M., Wang H.  Integration, the VLSI Journal 38(2): 185-203, 2004. Type: Article

This paper represents an important practical contribution to the field of microelectronic hardware design. Its stated purpose is to present a novel set of practices and procedures for designing multifunctional, reusable modules for use in very lar...

Aug 17 2005
  CORDIC processor for variable-precision interval arithmetic
Hormigo J., Villalba J., Zapata E.  Journal of VLSI Signal Processing Systems 37(1): 21-39, 2004. Type: Article

This work is a striking compendium of results concerning the design of a CORDIC coprocessor that supports, independently, both variable precision (VP) and interval (I) arithmetic. It represents an important milestone in the authors’ research...

Nov 18 2004
  Failure-Detecting Arithmetic Convolutional Codes and an Iterative Correcting Strategy
Redinbo G.  IEEE Transactions on Computers 52(11): 1434-1442, 2003. Type: Article

Earlier work in this field discussed the use of cyclic block codes over the integers mod 2m, to support techniques for algorithm-based fault tolerance (ABFT). The author of this work contends that such codes, with their inherent block o...

Aug 24 2004
  High-Speed, Low-Complexity Systolic Designs of Novel Iterative Division Algorithms in GF(2^m)
Wu C., Wu C., Shieh M., Hwang Y.  IEEE Transactions on Computers 53(3): 375-380, 2004. Type: Article

This paper demonstrates that new parallel input/output (I/O) systolic designs (based on an extended Stein’s algorithm) outperform Guo and Wang’s parallel I/O designs (based on an extended Euclid’s algorithm) [1] for modular divis...

Jun 10 2004
  High performance memory systems
Hadimioglu H., Kaeli D., Nanda A.,  Springer-Verlag, 2003. 297 pp. Type: Book (9780387003108)

This book is a collection of memory-related papers from workshops held at the International Symposium on Computer Architecture, on the topic of “Solving the memory wall: the growing disparity between CPU and memory speed.”...

May 11 2004
  Synthesis of integer multipliers in sum of pseudoproducts form
Ciriani V., Luccio F., Pagli L.  Integration, the VLSI Journal 36(3): 103-119, 2003. Type: Article

Ciriani, Luccio, and Pagli apply earlier work on sum of pseudoproducts (SPP) expressions of Boolean functions to the synthesis of integer multiplication circuits. A pseudoproduct is a generalization of the AND-products of Boolean variables, where ...

Mar 9 2004
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