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  Time series: modeling, computation, and inference
Prado R., West M.,  Chapman & Hall/CRC, Boca Raton, FL, 2010. 368 pp. Type: Book (978-1-420093-36-0), Reviews: (2 of 2)

Patterns hidden in a time series can reveal causal interactions, diagnose existing faults, and warn of impending failure. Discovering these patterns requires manipulating large amounts of data, which makes time series analysis one of the major app...

Mar 28 2012
  Time series: modeling, computation, and inference
Prado R., West M.,  Chapman & Hall/CRC, Boca Raton, FL, 2010. 368 pp. Type: Book (978-1-420093-36-0), Reviews: (1 of 2)

Mike West, a towering figure in the field of statistics, coauthored this book. The targeted readers are graduate students in science and engineering and researchers working on time series modeling. The contents presented in the book cover advanced...

Mar 21 2012
  Metareasoning: thinking about thinking
Cox M., Raja A.,  The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2011. 300 pp. Type: Book (978-0-262014-80-9)

Metareasoning is reasoning about a reasoning process. This book is a collection of 20 recent research papers by various authors, stemming from a workshop in Chicago in July 2008....

Aug 12 2011
  Higher-order abstract syntax in classical higher-order logic
Howe D.  LFMTP 2009 (Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Logical Frameworks and Meta-Languages: Theory and Practice, Montreal, Quebec, Canada,  Aug 2, 2009) 1-11, 2009. Type: Proceedings

It is remarkable how apparently simple ideas can be difficult to formalize. A bound variable--a variable that has a scope, such as the body of the function for which it is a parameter--is a case in point. When the lambda calculus was eme...

Apr 19 2010
  Defining the notion of ‘information content’ and reasoning about it in a database
Xu K., Feng J., Crowe M.  Knowledge and Information Systems 18(1): 29-59, 2009. Type: Article

The notion of information content within a database-oriented system has proven to be an elusive one. This paper expands upon an earlier definition of information content, and explores in depth the use of the information carried by data in a databa...

Jul 20 2009
  Missing wind data forecasting with adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system
Hocaoglu F., Oysal Y., Kurban M.  Neural Computing and Applications 18(3): 207-212, 2009. Type: Article

How do you predict missing y data values when the level of the y values fluctuates up and down within the data’s range? With ordinary least squares, you must add a term for each change in the slope of
Jun 17 2009
  Bayesian inference and model comparison for asymmetric smooth transition heteroskedastic models
Gerlach R., Chen C.  Statistics and Computing 18(4): 391-408, 2008. Type: Article

How do you create a viable forecast model when the data you are dealing with has two different levels and variances? Such data is termed heteroskedastic....

Jun 4 2009
  User-centric inference based on history of context data in pervasive environments
Kalatzis N., Roussaki I., Liampotis N., Strimpakou M., Pils C.  Services integration in pervasive environments (Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Services Integration in Pervasive Environments, Sorrento, Italy,  Jul 7, 2008) 25-30, 2008. Type: Proceedings

Intelligent pervasive computing systems (IPCS) are useful for forecasting the situational information of users, such as their daily routine, and activities at any time or location. The literature discusses the architecture of an IPCS equipped with...

Sep 1 2008
  Constructing gene networks using variational Bayesian variable selection
Tienda-Luna I., Yin Y., Huang Y., Ruiz Padillo D., Carrion Perez M., Wang Y.  Artificial Life 14(1): 65-79, 2008. Type: Article

Gene networks are models of molecular interaction (such as gene-protein regulation, protein-protein interaction, and protein-metabolite association), and are used to explain many complex cellular functions affected by such interaction. Gene netwo...

Jun 6 2008
  A new kind of fuzzy regression modeling and its combination with fuzzy inference
Alex R.  Soft Computing 10(7): 618-622, 2006. Type: Article

The development of prediction models for simultaneously using quantitative and qualitative data to forecast or explain the variance of a criterion variable is an intricate problem. The principles and applications of regression models exist in the ...

Nov 14 2007
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