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  The MOLEN Polymorphic Processor
Vassiliadis S., Wong S., Gaydadjiev G., Bertels K., Kuzmanov G., Moscu Panainte E.  IEEE Transactions on Computers 53(11): 1363-1375, 2004. Type: Article

Vassiliadis et al. discuss a new design paradigm that combines a general-purpose processor with a reconfigurable custom processor in a single integrated system suitable for implementation on programmable devices, such as field programmable gate ar...

Jun 15 2005
  Microprogramming and computer architecture
Segee B., Field J.,  John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, NY, 1991.Type: Book (9780471506881)

Microprogramming can be viewed in many ways. All are different, all are correct. Computer scientists typically see microcode as software with unfortunate complications that would go away if only hardware designers would do a proper job. Electrical...

Sep 1 1991
  On the Size of PLAs Required to Realize Binary and Multiple-Valued Functions
Bender E., Butler J.  IEEE Transactions on Computers 38(1): 82-98, 1989. Type: Article

Programmable logic arrays (PLAs) have been popular in the current decade because of their applications in VLSI design. Although the design algorithms have not been developed as far as those using gates, the regularity of structure of PLAs and thei...

Nov 1 1989
  Assembly-level programming of cellular processors
Katona E.,  2000.Type: Book (9780444701497)

It is difficult to identify the subject of this paper, which claims to be a study of cellular processors (defined as arrays of “microprogrammed Boolean processors connected according to the von Neumann neighborhood”). Katona claims tha...

Apr 1 1989
  Fault tolerant programming of a two-layer cellular array
Tóth N.  Parallel processing by cellular automata and arrays (, Berlin, E. Germany, 1081987. Type: Proceedings

In this paper, a careful mathematical model is built to study the operation of two-dimensional meshes of nearest-neighbor connected processors. This model is then used to show that by replicating the array of processors (by having two layers
Nov 1 1988
  The art of digital design: an introduction to top-down design (2nd ed.)
Prosser F., Winkel D.,  Prentice-Hall, Inc., Upper Saddle River, NJ, 1986.Type: Book (9789780130467805)

This book is designed for use as a textbook in a beginning level digital design course. The text covers Boolean algebra, logic functions, basic digital building blocks, design methods, and microprogramming design theory. The text is clearly writt...

Jun 1 1988
  Digital systems and hardware/firmware algorithms
Ercegovac M., Lang T.,  John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, NY, 1985.Type: Book (9789780471883937)

This book presents a comprehensive treatment of digital systems analysis and design for use as a text in a one- or two-semester course for undergraduate and graduate students in computer science and engineering. The book is divided into three par...

May 1 1988
  Logic testing and design for testability
Fujiwara H.,  MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 1986.Type: Book (9789780262060967)

This text provides an excellent introduction to the problems of testing logic circuits. Written so as to be self-contained, it is usable both as a self-study guide for professionals and as a textbook for undergraduate and beginning graduate classe...

Mar 1 1988
  Concurrent fault detection in microprogrammed control units
Iyengar V., Kinney L.  IEEE Transactions on Computers 34(9): 810-821, 1985. Type: Article

This paper takes a novel approach to fault detection, advocating a “monitor” or shadowing process that can detect a certain class of defects in the monitored process. The errors detectable are those which cause a control-flow defect in...

Jul 1 1986
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