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   Zooming in on wide-area latencies to a global cloud provider
Jin Y., Renganathan S., Ananthanarayanan G., Jiang J., Padmanabhan V., Schroder M., Calder M., Krishnamurthy A.  SIGCOMM 2019 (Proceedings of the ACM Special Interest Group on Data Communication, Beijing, China,  Aug 19-23, 2019) 104-116, 2019. Type: Proceedings

The authors measure wide area network (WAN) latency from the viewpoint of a large cloud provider, Azure, by tracking the round-trip time (RTT) of transmission control protocol (TCP) connections. Presenting their tool BlameIt, the authors aim to fi...

Feb 27 2020
  In search of a scalable Raft-based replication architecture
Deyerl C., Distler T.  PaPoC 2019 (Proceedings of the 6th Workshop on Principles and Practice of Consistency for Distributed Data, Dresden, Germany,  Mar 25, 2019) 1-7, 2019. Type: Proceedings

Since parallel and distributed processing have become key issues of high throughput computer processing, there have been many efforts to find solutions (for example, architectures, communication systems, technologies, algorithms, protocols, and so...

Aug 21 2019
  Reliable software for unreliable hardware: a cross layer perspective
Rehman S., Shafique M., Henkel J.,  Springer International Publishing, New York, NY, 2016. 237 pp. Type: Book (978-3-319257-70-9)

Today we are living through a boom in the software and hardware fields, mainly motivated by what is called the Internet of Things (IoT). It is obvious that hardware improvements can no longer be accomplished without fault-tolerant software. The ti...

Apr 6 2017
  Anti-fragile ICT systems
Hole K.,  Springer International Publishing, New York, NY, 2016. 151 pp. Type: Book (978-3-319300-68-9)

Large, complex information and communications technology (ICT) systems need to have been designed so that unexpected stressors and events do not cause the systems to fail. This is particularly important where a system failure could have dire conse...

Mar 31 2017
  Critical infrastructure protection research: results of the first critical infrastructure protection research project in Hungary
Nádai L., Padányi J.,  Springer International Publishing, New York, NY, 2016. 184 pp. Type: Book (978-3-319280-90-5)

The term “critical infrastructure” suggests a nation’s systems that deliver services and protection to its inhabitants. Here, we find a book that can be divided into three parts....

Oct 27 2016
  Reliability of safety-critical systems: theory and applications
Rausand M.,  Wiley Publishing, Hoboken, NJ, 2014. 466 pp. Type: Book (978-1-118112-72-4)

My current venue (of 16 years and counting) continues to afford me the privilege of working with worldwide and world-class engineering firms in ensuring that their designs of such computer-driven control systems as communication-based train-contro...

Mar 9 2016
  Resilient computer system design
Castano V., Schagaev I.,  Springer Publishing Company, Incorporated, New York, NY, 2015. 256 pp. Type: Book (978-3-319150-68-0)

Resilience is understood as returning to an operational state, in response to failures, breaches, attacks, and other similar disturbances. This book addresses an emerging issue of resilience, that is, keeping computer systems and software resilien...

Aug 26 2015
  Reliability engineering
Rao S.,  Prentice Hall Press, Upper Saddle River, NJ, 2014. 832 pp. Type: Book (978-0-136015-72-7)

This is a perfect book supporting a course on reliability modeling. It presents a broad range of material, starting from the fundamentals and going into moderately advanced problems. Because resilience to failures is one of the most important nonf...

Aug 24 2015
  Design of 4-disjoint gamma interconnection network layouts and reliability analysis of gamma interconnection networks
Rajkumar S., Goyal N.  The Journal of Supercomputing 69(1): 468-491, 2014. Type: Article

Two designs of 4-disjoint gamma interconnection networks for reliable data communication in a tightly coupled, large-scale, multiprocessor system are described in this paper. These two designs provide four disjoint paths for each source-destinatio...

Jun 10 2015
  Quantile-based reliability analysis
Nair N., Sankaran P., Balakrishnan N.,  Birkhäuser Basel, New York, NY, 2013. 395 pp. Type: Book (978-0-817683-60-3)

Quantile measures are often used in practice and have a big influence on our everyday lives. One of the most eminent examples is the measure used in the banking sector to represent the level of acceptable losses and margin deposits to be obligator...

Sep 3 2014
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