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  Matrix code
Van Emden M.  Science of Computer Programming 843-21, 2014. Type: Article

Imperative programming verification is a serious problem! Parallel development of proof and code for imperative programming is the proposed solution. A new language is presented to create a proof in parallel with the code called matrix code, which...

Aug 27 2014
  The agile culture: leading through trust and ownership
Pixton P., Gibson P., Nickolaisen N.,  Addison-Wesley Professional, Upper Saddle River, NJ, 2014. 192 pp. Type: Book (978-0-321940-14-8)

It’s 2014. Is your organization agile yet? That is to say, can it quickly respond to emerging customer requirements and is it open to change and innovation? This book can show you how to achieve these organizational goals....

Jun 2 2014
  Object-oriented analysis and design for information systems: modeling with UML, OCL, and IFML
Wazlawick R.,  Morgan Kaufmann Publishers Inc., San Francisco, CA, 2014. 376 pp. Type: Book (978-0-124186-73-6)

Over the last 20 years or so, it has been rewarding to see the object-oriented model gain wide acceptance. It has grown from what was primarily an esoteric coder’s tool (think Smalltalk) into a useful method for the analysis and design of in...

Jun 2 2014
  Successful extreme programming: fidelity to the methodology or good teamworking?
Wood S., Michaelides G., Thomson C.  Information and Software Technology 55(4): 660-672, 2013. Type: Article

Application software development in the business world traditionally centered around business applications such as accounting, production, and marketing, where users and managers understood the application area. Today, software development has tra...

Jul 1 2013
  Facilitating the transition from use case models to analysis models: approach and experiments
Yue T., Briand L., Labiche Y.  ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology 22(1): 1-38, 2013. Type: Article

Restricted use case modeling (RUCM), developed by Yue et al., provides well-defined rules and a related use case template to facilitate use case modeling and the derivation of unified modeling language (UML) analysis models (in the form of diagram...

Jun 28 2013
  Necessary and neglected?: An empirical study of internal documentation in agile software development teams
Stettina C., Heijstek W.  SIGDOC 2011 (Proc. of the 29th ACM International Conference on Design of Communication, Pisa, Italy,  Oct 3-5, 2011) 159-166, 2011. Type: Proceedings

Agile programming is not known for favoring internal software documentation. Since internal documentation does not directly contribute to making clients happy, agile programmers exhibit little enthusiasm for drafting ideas in plain text....

Feb 3 2012
  A survey on UML-based aspect-oriented design modeling
Wimmer M., Schauerhuber A., Kappel G., Retschitzegger W., Schwinger W., Kapsammer E.  ACM Computing Surveys 43(4): 1-33, 2011. Type: Article

Aspect-oriented modeling (AOM) is emerging as a relatively mature paradigm in software design. This paper, which summarizes and critiques existing work in the field, is recommended reading for software designers who use or are considering using AO...

Dec 28 2011
   Social modeling for requirements engineering
Yu E., Giorgini P., Maiden N., Mylopoulos J.,  The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2011. 760 pp. Type: Book (978-0-262240-55-0)

Reading this book has changed the way I look at the world. Waiting for the bus, I realized that I depended on the bus driver to get me to work on time. On the bus, I saw that the driver depends on passengers to get on and off quickly in order for ...

Apr 7 2011
  On the effort of augmenting use cases with screen mockups: results from a preliminary empirical study
Ricca F., Scanniello G., Torchiano M., Reggio G., Astesiano E.  ESEM 2010 (Proceedings of the 2010 ACM-IEEE International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement, Bolzano-Bozen, Italy,  Sep 16-17, 2010) 1-4, 2010. Type: Proceedings

Use-case dogma requires that scenarios be written in the “essential style,” without specifying the technology or “look and feel” of the user interface. This paper challenges the above doctrine with a controlled experiment. ...

Feb 4 2011
  From collective knowledge to intelligence: pre-requirements analysis of large and complex systems
Liang P., Avgeriou P., He K., Xu L.  Web2SE 2010 (Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Web 2.0 for Software Engineering, Cape Town, South Africa,  May 4, 2010) 26-30, 2010. Type: Proceedings

This very short contribution views requirements engineering as a social collaborative activity. In particular, the authors quote Dick Gabriel to express the issue: “The key part of [ultra-large-scale, ULS] is to say it’s impossible to ...

Oct 22 2010
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