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  Data-driven anomaly detection with timing features for embedded systems
Lu S., Lysecky R.  ACM Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems 24(3): 1-27, 2019. Type: Article

The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to usher in the joys of connecting several house appliances and electronic devices via wired and wireless networks. But how should the rooted systems that support IoT provide security and privacy for online u...

Oct 20 2021
   Data cleaning
Ilyas I., Chu X.,  ACM Books, New York, NY, 2019. 271 pp. Type: Book (978-1-450371-54-4)

Data cleaning provides an extensive literature review. It showcases the body of work that academia has produced over the last decades on the subject of data cleaning automation. Identifying and correcting dirty data by means of a computer i...

Aug 4 2021
  A cost effective and preventive approach to avoid integration faults caused by mistakes in distribution of software components
Chaves L.  Advances in Software Engineering 20147-7, 2014. Type: Article

Failures in distributed software systems are frequently caused by configuration errors. Diagnosing such errors is difficult, and solutions are usually urgently required. A preventative approach, based on version checking, forms the key contributio...

Jun 24 2015
  On the feasibility of software attacks on commodity virtual machine monitors via direct device assignment
Pék G., Lanzi A., Srivastava A., Balzarotti D., Francillon A., Neumann C.  ASIA CCS 2014 (Proceedings of the 9th ACM Symposium on Information, Computer and Communications Security, Kyoto, Japan,  Jun 4-6, 2014) 305-316, 2014. Type: Proceedings

In recent years, virtual machines (VMs) have become clearly very important for the computing infrastructure of companies. It is therefore not surprising that attacks on VMs have increased. The paper looks at threats to, and defenses of, VMs throug...

Oct 8 2014
  Event logs for the analysis of software failures: a rule-based approach
Cinque M., Cotroneo D., Pecchia A.  IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 39(6): 806-821, 2013. Type: Article

A very good description of the challenges of parsing log files begins this paper. The authors explain that ad-hoc logging statements are insufficient for fully understanding and tracking errors in software systems. They propose an abstraction of r...

Sep 5 2013
  Feasibility of stepwise design of multitolerant programs
Ebnenasir A., Kulkarni S.  ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology 21(1): 1-49, 2011. Type: Article

There is much debate in the software community about whether fault tolerance, security, privacy, and other resilience qualities should be built into the software as it is designed or added to a fully developed system. Because the faults against wh...

Mar 23 2012
  ASSURE: automatic software self-healing using rescue points
Sidiroglou S., Laadan O., Perez C., Viennot N., Nieh J., Keromytis A.  ACM SIGPLAN Notices 44(3): 37-48, 2009. Type: Article

Software crashes due to programming bugs constitute a major problem for systems that need to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Many authors are researching techniques that allow computer applications to detect their own failures and ...

May 19 2009
  Twelve steps to recovery: my co-dependent relationship with Tivoli
Griffiths K., Kramolis T.  User services (Proceedings of the 35th Annual ACM SIGUCCS Conference on User Services, Orlando, Florida,  Oct 7-10, 2007) 135-138, 2007. Type: Proceedings

Over the past decade, the pervasiveness of the Internet has resulted in an astounding growth of digital content. This growth is not about to slow down anytime soon. Thus, back-up and recovery of this digital content is becoming increasingly import...

Jan 11 2008
   Semantic errors in SQL queries: a quite complete list
Brass S., Goldberg C.  Journal of Systems and Software 79(5): 630-644, 2006. Type: Article

This paper is interesting and relevant. The understanding of semantic errors in structured query language (SQL) is inadequate among database practitioners and educators. This paper will help to rectify this. The authors propose a pre-query syntax ...

Mar 15 2007
  ReStore: symptom-based soft error detection in microprocessors
Wang N., Patel S.  IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing 3(3): 188-201, 2006. Type: Article

Soft-error mitigation in microprocessors is one of the most interesting and active issues in dependable systems design, due to the necessity to find a solution to transient faults, independently of their primary cause. The authors present ReStore,...

Feb 5 2007
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