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   Creating good data: a guide to dataset structure and data representation
Foxwell H., Apress, New York, NY, 2020. 124 pp.  Type: Book (978-1-484261-02-6)

The dream of all writers: to be the right person, at the right place, at the right time. Harry Foxwell hit the jackpot:...

Sep 2 2021
  Building and using pluggable type-checkers
Dietl W., Dietzel S., Ernst M., Muşlu K., Schiller T.  ICSE 2011 (Proceeding of the 33rd International Conference on Software Engineering, Waikiki, Honolulu, HI, May 21-28, 2011) 681-690, 2011.  Type: Proceedings

The Checker Framework tool supports the processing of custom-built annotations for Java at compile time. This paper reports on a case study using the tool to build five checkers. The ease of building, the ease of use, and the effective...

Jan 7 2013
  Union and intersection types to support both dynamic and static typing
Ortin F., García M. Information Processing Letters 111(6): 278-286, 2011.  Type: Article

In this paper, the authors make a great case for modern programming languages that have static and dynamic types and type checking, particularly if a compiler such as StaDyn exploits compile time type references for improved run...

Jul 7 2011
  Types for describing coordinated data structures
Ringenburg M., Grossman D.  Types in languages design and implementation (Proceedings of the 2005 ACM SIGPLAN International Workshop on Types in Languages Design and Implementation, Long Beach, California, USA, Jan 10, 2005) 25-36, 2005.  Type: Proceedings

This paper is concerned with the idea of extending the typing system of a programming language to include the idea of sets of data structures, where corresponding nodes within the structures must coordinate. An example of a place where...

Mar 30 2005
  Teaching graphics using Ada
Brown C.  Ada (Proceedings of the 2004 Annual ACM SIGAda International Conference on Ada: The Engineering of Correct and Reliable Software for Real-time & Distributed Systems using Ada and Related Technologies, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Nov 14-18, 2004) 47-50, 2004.  Type: Proceedings

A computer graphics teaching environment supporting multiple languages and a standard graphics library raises many issues, three of which are suitable language interfaces for the library, the representation of geometric data, and suppo...

Jan 26 2005
  Traps in Java
Chan J., Yang W., Huang J. Journal of Systems and Software 72(1): 33-47, 2004.  Type: Article

The portability of Java applications is directly dependent on the consistency of their Java Virtual Machine (JVM) implementation. The Java language places a lot of emphasis on simplicity. The design tradeoffs in language...

Aug 17 2004
  XDuce: a statically typed XML processing language
Hosoya H., Pierce B. ACM Transactions on Internet Technology 3(2): 117-148, 2003.  Type: Article

Hosoya and Pierce present the modern experimental programming language Xduce, which is specifically designed to process Extensible Markup Language (XML) documents. The language uses XML documents as basic data, and provides powerful fu...

Jul 18 2003
  Learning string-edit distance
Ristad E., Yianilos P. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 20(5): 522-532, 1998.  Type: Article

A new stochastic model is presented for computing string-edit distances by learning from a corpus of examples. The model is applied to the difficult problem of learning the pronunciation of a spoken word. Compared to the established, c...

Nov 1 1998
  C++ plus data structures
Dale N., 1998.  Type: Book (9780763706210)

The data structures course has evolved so much over the last 15 years that those of us who taught it back then would be hard pressed to recognize it. It has followed the trend of moving more abstract material to lower-level courses wit...

Nov 1 1998
  Alias analysis of pointers in Pascal and Fortran 90
Matsumoto A., Han D., Tsuda T. Acta Informatica 33(2): 99-130, 1996.  Type: Article

The authors deal with the problem of detecting pointer aliases in parallel or vectorized language compilers. Rather than tackling the problem in general, they use Pascal and Fortran 90. Aliases pose a problem in any language, and movin...

Sep 1 1997
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