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February 8, 2023

A review on virtual reality and augmented reality use-cases of brain computer interface based applications for smart cities
Current computing and user interface technologies permit increasingly direct connections between the human brain and computers. The technologies include various types of displays, such as traditional screens, smartphones... more
Some of Von Neumann’s scientific admirers have seen in him the “new man,” the ideal type of future person, implied by his name. The burden of the vision as well... more
- Steve J. Heims (1984)
A review on virtual reality and augmented reality use-cases of brain computer interface based applications for smart cities: Microprocessors & Microsystems

Current computing and user interface technologies permit increasingly direct connections between the human brain and computers. The technologies include various types of displays, such as traditional... more

Input/Output Devices (B.4.2) | Feb 2 23

One-hop out-of-band control planes for multi-hop wireless sensor networks: ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks

Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have expanded in the last decade. Sensors are deployed in an environment to control the data generated within that area, without any wiring... more

General (C.0) | Jan 26 23

On the model of computation: counterpoint: parallel programming wall and multicore software spiral: denial hence crisis: Communications of the ACM

Vishkin’s counterpoint to Dally [1] talks about what the model of computation should now be in light of multicore processors (and their programming difficulties) and parallel processing. His view... more

General (D.1.0) | Jan 24 23

On the model of computation: point: we must extend our model of computation to account for cost and location: Communications of the ACM

The model of any process demonstrates its functionality and is useful for its study and analysis. For example, the Turing machine is a model for computation. However, the random-access... more

General (D.1.0) | Jan 23 23

Block Walsh-Hadamard transform based binary layers in deep neural networks: ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems

Convolution is a mathematical operation that calculates the integral of the product of two functions or signals with one of the signals flipped. Modern deep... more

General (G.0) | Jan 17 23

RxNet: Rx-refill graph neural network for overprescribing detection: CIKM 21

The intensifying rates of opioid overuse and drug misuse require effective drug prescription scrutinizing tools. Despite the available prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs) in countries like the US, how... more

Health (J.3...) | Jan 6 23

A framework for understanding sources of harm throughout the machine learning life cycle: EAAMO 21

The most recent studies show how machine learning has increasingly started to affect people and society in a positive way, pointing out the main advantages and disadvantages for different areas of activities... more

Artificial Intelligence (I.2) | Jan 5 23

Declarative machine learning systems: Communications of the ACM

This article presents future directions for how machine learning (ML) can be easily adopted across applications to take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI). In the past two decades, ML has been improving at a... more

Learning (I.2.6) | Jan 3 23

Edge intelligence: concepts, architectures, applications and future directions: ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems

Nowadays, cyber-physical systems are omnipresent. Internet of Things (IoT) devices give physical sensing to computers. However, they also pose serious architectural challenges due to a number of... more

General (I.2.0) | Dec 28 22

Deep learning based single sample face recognition: a survey: Artificial Intelligence Review

Deep learning (DL) methods, and in particular convolutional neural networks (CNNs), provide the most used and most effective face recognition systems. However, when “each... more

General (I.0) | Dec 27 22

On the epistemology of data science: conceptual tools for a new inductivism

This book discusses the fundamental theory of data science, including its methods, validity, and scope. The author introduces and addresses key concepts of data science as an inductive methodology, in an appropriate order, in order to guide scientists and researchers who... more
General (E.0) | Feb 7 23

Quantum computing: an applied approach (2nd ed.)

Quantum computing is a new paradigm of computing that comes from an idea proposed, in the 1980s, by the Nobel Prize winning physicist Richard Feynman. Based on the principles of quantum mechanics, such as the superposition and entanglement of particles... more
General (F.0) | Feb 3 23

A quantum computation workbook

Quantum computing is a complex and highly interdisciplinary field that assumes deep knowledge of particle physics, quantum mechanics theory, mathematics, and information theory, to name the most important disciplines outside the also essential... more
Models of Computation (F.1.1) | Jan 30 23

The story of proof: logic and the history of mathematics

The present book is aimed at a general mathematical audience. My third Stillwell book, it follows Elements of mathematics and Reverse mathematics [1,2] and maintains these predecessors’ high standards in content, sequence, and clarity of expression... more
History of Computing (K.2) | Jan 18 23

Computational intelligence techniquess for combating Covid-19

This book looks at the application of computing techniques, especially intelligence techniques. Machine learning (ML) techniques have been developed for many decades now and the practical applications of ML have significantly increased over time. The Covid-19... more
Medical Information Systems (J.3...) | Jan 16 23

Phishing and communication channels: a guide to identifying and mitigating phishing attacks

It is not far-fetched to say that most (if not all) CR readers have been subjected to some sort of phishing attack--and even more likely if we consider the wide taxonomy of activities that Sonowal’s book covers. Can we as individuals... more
Security & Protection (K.6.5) | Jan 12 23

Learn enough developer tools to be dangerous: command line, text editor, and Git version control essentials

The command-line interface (CLI) scares many newcomers to the computing field. It is, however, a most powerful way to interact with the computer, allowing the user a command composition... more
Software Development (K.6.3...) | Jan 10 23

Human-centered AI

Human-centered AI is a must-read for anyone in charge of designing a software system involving a significant artificial intelligence (AI) component. However, this book is not about how to implement an AI technique to solve a problem. It is about the issues around... more
General (I.2.0) | Jan 9 23

Foundations of computational imaging: a model-based approach

This attractively titled book deals with the process of creating images using raw noisy data from unknown sources such as a black hole, for example. This book arose out of the notes used for a graduate-level course on this topic for over two decades. Using the... more
General (I.4.0) | Dec 30 22

Artificial intelligence and quantum computing for advanced wireless networks

Artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing are widely discussed topics in the computing field. So it is no surprise that this book is about AI and quantum computing for advanced wireless networks. The... more
General (I.2.0) | Dec 29 22

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