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October 26, 2021

The art of immutable architecture
Here is a crazy idea: imagine an information technology (IT) solution where the only persistent memory is write-once, read-many (WORM), or a database without update and delete commands. This book claims such immutable data stores form the basis of a better future, solving some hard and recurrent problems. Blockchain solutions... more
Currently I view the Net/Web as a kind of social implosion or catastrophe. I hate and fear it as the symbolic engine of a kind of a terminal alienation, and as a perfect mirror of Global Capital... more
- Hakim Bey (1991)
Data-driven anomaly detection with timing features for embedded systems: ACM Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems

The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to usher in the joys of connecting several house appliances and electronic devices via wired and wireless networks. But how should the rooted systems that support... more

Error Handling & Recovery (D.2.5...) | Oct 20 21

Photoplethysmogram-based cognitive load assessment using multi-feature fusion model: ACM Transactions on Applied Perception

Physiological measures of cognitive load have become more accessible with advancements in neuro-imaging devices and wearable technology, and provide quantifiable data that previous... more

Perceptual Reasoning (I.2.10...) | Oct 8 21

Financial regulatory and risk management challenges stemming from firm-specific digital misinformation: Journal of Data and Information Quality

In today’s digital economy, it is easy to alter the essence of information with regards to both context and value; thus, the potential for misinformation is huge. With this paper, Casey and Casey excellently present a... more

Financial (J.1...) | Sep 30 21

iMapReduce: a distributed computing framework for iterative computation: Journal of Grid Computing

MapReduce is one of the most popular standard algorithms in distributed processing. This paper contributes to performance improvement in MapReduce, which otherwise performs low on social... more

General (D.1.0) | Sep 28 21

Web portals for high-performance computing: a survey: ACM Transactions on the Web

High-performance computing (HPC) offers researchers the performance they need to solve complex problems. However, as these researchers are specialized in areas not related to HPC, web interfaces facilitate... more

Cloud Computing (C.2.4...) | Sep 24 21

An evaluation of the cost and performance of scientific workflows on Amazon EC2: Journal of Grid Computing

Cloud computing is becoming popular for computing that requires large processing power and massive data volume. The work reported here aims to study scientific workflows on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). The... more

Business (J.1...) | Sep 23 21

Understanding movement in context with heterogeneous data: MOVE 19

Mobility studies on humans, vehicles, and animals involve trajectory data, which allows for location tracking over time per entity. Trajectory data can help with analyzing and understanding the location... more

General (H.0) | Sep 22 21

Near optimal online algorithms and fast approximation algorithms for resource allocation problems: Journal of the ACM

The resource allocation problem is an age-old problem with a rich history. This paper revisits the resource allocation problem, albeit in a different setting, finding “a middle ground between worst-case and stochastic [analyses]... more

Algorithm Design & Analysis (G.4...) | Sep 21 21

Attention models in graphs: a survey: ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data

Having spent some time on early attempts to bring together neural networks and symbol-oriented knowledge representation, I am intrigued by... more

Graph Theory (G.2.2) | Sep 20 21

EventAction: ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems

If tables of complex data lack sufficient visual analytics illustrations on which recommender system to use, users will go to another website for better illustrations. The more complex the analysis of similar record... more

Visual (I.6.8...) | Sep 9 21

Foundations of probabilistic programming

This book covers various programming languages for probabilistic programming. The languages are described using syntax, semantics, and examples. It also looks at the theories related to the semantics of probability constructs and discusses the reasoning behind... more
General (D.1.0) | Oct 18 21

Technical debt in practice

Anyone who has worked on a software project of even moderate size or duration will know that projects tend to accumulate technical debt. However, the exigencies of software development in the real world often mean that little is done to deal with accumulated technical... more
Software Development (K.6.3...) | Oct 14 21

Process mining in action: principles, use cases and outlook

Process mining in action is an edited collection of papers on process mining. The papers are divided into three parts. The book should interest academics, executives, and professionals with an interest in the topic. Part 1 is on the principles and value of process mining. It... more
Data Mining (H.2.8...) | Oct 13 21

Sentiment analysis (2nd ed.)

Mining sentiment and opinions from human-generated reviews is certainly one of the most visible applications of natural language processing ever. It is hard to imagine a successful customer-facing business today that does not care a great deal about what people think about... more
Natural Language Processing (I.2.7) | Oct 12 21

The type project book

Typography is concerned with the trade of composing or framing type and printing from it. This unusual book is all about typographic projects, written by two experienced designers: Nigel French and and Hugh D’Andrade. The book’s intended audience... more
Types & Design Styles (B.7.1) | Oct 11 21

Mathematics of data science

Mathematics is the foundation of data science techniques. With the democratization of data science, almost anyone has access to easy-to-use tools and platforms to get started with data science applications. However, a serious professional or researcher... more
Clustering (H.3.3...) | Oct 7 21

Readings in formal epistemology: sourcebook

The essence of formal epistemology is in developing or formulating models of knowledge using formal tools, including probability, logic, decision theory, and computations. Thus, formal epistemology explains probabilistic models of knowledge and belief... more
KR Formalisms & Methods (I.2.4) | Oct 4 21

Mechanistic explanations in physics and beyond

This book provides an overview of the mechanistic approach to science from historical, philosophical, computational, and other viewpoints. This approach arises from the fact that, in real life, most objects remain the same (at least locally) almost all... more
Physics (J.2...) | Oct 1 21

Natural language data management and interfaces

Natural languages make infinite use of finite means (for example, grammar and vocabulary). Humans in general have no issue understanding a language as they acquire the nuances in specific contexts and learn how to express themselves. So how is it possible for a... more
Natural Language (H.5.2...) | Sep 29 21

Designing with the mind in mind (3rd ed.)

This thoroughly engaging book offers explicit advice for the construction of user interfaces without involving one specification, development platform, or line of code. This is the third edition, but this review offers no comparison as I have not read the first two. The author... more
User Interfaces (D.2.2...) | Sep 27 21

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