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June 30, 2022

Clean craftsmanship: disciplines, standards, and ethics
Software craftsmanship is a mindset that emphasizes technical excellence over mere execution. The author of this book, Robert C. Martin, commonly referred to as “Uncle Bob,” is one of the signatories of the manifesto on software craftsmanship. In this book, he explains practices... more
Modern computers have been branded with the label “electronic computing machines.” In this context we are faced with concepts such as... more
- Konrad Zuse (1962)
Fifty years of P vs. NP and the possibility of the impossible: Communications of the ACM

The P versus NP problem is one of the most fundamental and well-known unresolved questions in computer science. In comparison with the 2009 Communications article by the same author... more

Algorithms (B.2.4...) | Jun 27 22

A survey on end-edge-cloud orchestrated network computing paradigms: ACM Computing Surveys

Recognizing the limits of (distant) cloud computing, modern Internet of things (IoT) architectures recognize the so-called edge continuum between cloud... more

Human Factors (H.1.2...) | Jun 17 22

Here we go again: Why is it difficult for developers to learn another programming language?: Communications of the ACM

It is common for programmers to switch programming languages--quite often, new work happens to involve a new programming language and the programmer has to just dive into it... more

General (D.3.0) | Jun 7 22

Website visual design qualities: a threefold framework: ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems

This work contributes to the literature on information systems by studying a theoretical perspective “that integrates three [major] dimensions of artifact visual design quality”: the aesthetic, functional, and... more

Human Factors (H.1.2...) | May 19 22

Question answering in knowledge bases: a verification assisted model with iterative training: ACM Transactions on Information Systems

Zhang et. al., in their paper, present a novel approach to increase the accuracy and efficiency in question-answering systems over a knowledge base. As they explain, “[mapping] a... more

General (H.0) | May 10 22

Securing communication data in pervasive social networking based on trust with KP-ABE: ACM Transactions on Cyber-Physical Systems

This paper looks at the crucial issues of security, user privacy, and communication integrity, inherent to the pervasive social networking (PSN) (a cyber... more

General (C.2.0) | Apr 28 22

SARDE: a framework for continuous and self-adaptive resource demand estimation: ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems

Reliable performance estimation of complex software systems requires models that are adaptable to the system’s environment and workload. Grohmann... more

General (D.0) | Apr 6 22

BlockQuicksort: avoiding branch mispredictions in Quicksort: Journal of Experimental Algorithmics

Quite often algorithms with bad worst-case complexity perform better on the average. Quicksort falls into this class. However, one of the drawbacks of Quicksort is that it is vulnerable to branch mispredictions... more

Sorting/Searching (E.5...) | Apr 1 22

Detection and resolution of rumours in social media: a survey: ACM Computing Surveys

Unverified information can spread on the web and influence public opinion before it is eventually verified as true or false. Such rumors eventually evolve during reiterated transmission, and often accompany... more

Social Networking (H.3.4...) | Mar 30 22

An empirical study of students’ perceptions on the setup and grading of group programming assignments: ACM Transactions on Computing Education

The ever-changing business world requires teams of agile developers, testers, technical leaders, product owners, and scrum masters to cooperatively develop and maintain new... more

Computer & Info. Science Edu. (K.3.2) | Mar 15 22

Data science solutions with Python: fast and scalable models using Keras, PySpark MLlib, H2O, XGBoost, and Scikit-Learn

This book elaborates on different models of data science. It includes a brief description of theory, which is supported by program/code listings. The book is composed of ten chapters. The first... more
Python (D.3.2...) | Jun 29 22

System error: where big tech went wrong and how we can reboot

Today’s massive technology companies are maximizing profit through optimization, efficiency, and, in the opinion of some, a dystopian obsession with algorithms, surveillance, and control. While some contemporary authors such as Talia [1] simply highlight the... more
Social Issues (K.4.2) | Jun 28 22

The modern security operations center

Cybersecurity involves carrying out complete and continuous activities to investigate and eliminate threats. As a recommended solution, a security operations center (SOC) allows an organization to achieve a level of security by monitoring the... more
Security & Protection (K.6.5) | Jun 24 22

Judgement-proof robots and artificial intelligence: a comparative law and economics approach

Artificial intelligence (AI) research is moving incredibly fast and requires regulation. For instance, a recent study reversed a machine learning model that creates nontoxic drugs and made it create toxic drugs [1]. This is... more
General (K.5.0) | Jun 22 22

Behavioral cybersecurity: applications of personality psychology and computer science

It is a well-known fact that the weakest element of all cryptographic systems is a human being. No matter how smart mathematical methods are embedded to protect our network and computer infrastructures... more
Security (K.6.m...) | Jun 21 22

Clean craftsmanship: disciplines, standards, and ethics

Software craftsmanship is a mindset that emphasizes technical excellence over mere execution. The author of this book, Robert C. Martin, commonly referred to as “Uncle Bob,” was one of the signatories of the manifesto on software craftsmanship. In this book, he... more
General (D.0) | Jun 16 22

A world without email

Intellectual work draws a lot from communication between collaborating parties. Speed and ease of communication have enormously improved--both qualitatively and quantitatively--in the course of the last decades. So, how come the day-to-day life of... more
Project & People Management (K.6.1) | Jun 15 22

China livestreaming e-commerce industry insights

We know the term “TikTok” refers to a form of short videos. But we might not have related it to commerce. In this 100-page book, Ruo Si vividly introduces readers to the essence of the livestreaming e-commerce industry in China. The book reviews the history... more
Electronic Commerce (K.4.4) | Jun 13 22

Securing 5G and evolving architectures

Security is an important aspect of architectures. Security analysis at the architecture level is very useful. Fifth-generation (5G) wireless networks have been in use for a few years now. Securing 5G network architecture has many challenges not present in... more
Security & Protection (D.4.6) | Jun 9 22

Automation and autonomy: labour, capital and machines in the artificial intelligence industry

This book is a Marxist critique of the impact that artificial intelligence (AI), specifically machine learning, will have on labor. It was originally a dissertation, which was modified for release as a book. This is... more
Economics (J.4...) | Jun 6 22

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