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Development of scientific and engineering software for nuclear applications
Trauboth H.  Tools, methods and languages for scientific and engineering computation (, Paris, France,1331984.Type:Proceedings
Date Reviewed: Sep 1 1985

This is a rather diffuse document which is quite padded. The author has written it with no clear purpose that I could discern. The text is marred by frequent nonidiomatic or ungrammatical usages that suggest literal, but inept, translations from German into English. One of the tables is given in German, as are the notations on two of the figures, indicating that the article was prepared without much care. The author makes some recommendations concerning the management of computing centers, the process of code development, etc., but these suggestions are so general that they are of little or no use. What slight value there is in the paper lies in the descriptions given of the work done at this great research installation and the kinds of computer equipment used. There was not much else worth reading.

Reviewer:  Melvin L. Tobias Review #: CR109357
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