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KNOs: KNowledge acquisition, dissemination, and manipulation Objects
Tsichritzis D., Fiume E., Gibbs S., Nierstrasz O. ACM Transactions on Information Systems5 (1):96-112,1987.Type:Article
Date Reviewed: Nov 1 1987

This research paper discusses the use of KNOs (KNowledge acquisition, dissemination, and manipulation Objects) as an advanced, computer-based tool for the office environment. KNO objects manipulate knowledge fragments with their own rules and use this to negotiate, cooperate, and learn from other KNO objects. KNOs’ object-oriented architecture provides autonomous, adaptable, and concurrent behavior. The overall design is intended to support the critical abilities of objects to migrate to new environments and dynamically learn new operations.

This paper basically is about the extension and application of object-oriented programming to office automation, and will be of interest to people working in these areas. The main drawback of this paper is that it is more of a research proposal and less of a research report. The hypothetical example of a KNOs-based system for handling transactions among multiple brokers and buyers of stock is interesting, but it provides inconclusive evidence of how KNOs’ abilities contribute to significantly enhanced dynamic learning or cross-environment migration. It will certainly be worthwhile to read about the authors’ experience with an implemented KNO and its application to office automation problems in a follow-up paper.

Reviewer:  C. Apte Review #: CR111875
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General (D.1.0 )
Applications And Expert Systems (I.2.1 )
Knowledge Representation Formalisms And Methods (I.2.4 )
Language Constructs and Features (D.3.3 )
Office Automation (H.4.1 )
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