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A parallel nonlinear mapping algorithm
Shen C., Lee R., Chin Y. International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence1 (1):53-69,1987.Type:Article
Date Reviewed: Jun 1 1988

The authors present a parallel algorithm to perform nonlinear mapping that they claim is useful for pattern recognition and clustering analysis. They transform the nonlinear mapping algorithm proposed in [1] into a parallel version and show that the nonlinear mapping algorithm is quite similar to a sorting algorithm. They provide a useful account of the algorithm in pseudocode and give several examples. The examples have to do with sorter chips.

Reviewer:  Lou Agosta Review #: CR112173
1) Chang, C. L., and Lee, R. C. T.A heuristic relaxation method for nonlinear mapping in clustering analysis, IEEE Trans. Syst., Man and Cybern., 30, 3 (1978) 197–200.
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