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Infotrends: the competitive use of information
Keyes J., McGraw-Hill, Inc., New York, NY, 1992. Type: Book (9780070344648)
Date Reviewed: Jul 1 1994

The audience for this book is business managers who are interested in obtaining an overview of recent trends in information systems technologies that can assist in achieving business objectives. It can also be of value to information systems managers who need background and reference information to explain these technologies to their management. The book discusses nine major areas:

  • Using Technology to Prosper in a Down Market

  • Downsizing

  • Partnering

  • System Integration

  • Outsourcing

  • Information Marketing

  • Turning Data into Knowledge

  • Information as a Competitive Advantage

  • Information Technology as a Profit Center

Appendices provide resource information for planning tools, system integration, information marketing, and artificial intelligence systems.

Keyes discusses each area in terms of the basic technologies involved and provides case studies of one or more major US corporations that have applied the technologies. The discussions are fairly general, in keeping with the intended audience for the book, but are sufficient to provide some basic understanding of the technology. The case studies are also general, but demonstrate that the application of the technology has been beneficial to the company involved. Many of the case studies identify the key individual within the company who was responsible for selling and applying the technology. This information can be useful for other people who are considering using the technology.

The book is easily read and accomplishes its purpose. It has the minor shortcoming of being poorly edited and containing a number of annoying typographical errors.

Reviewer:  I. Luckom Review #: CR117574
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