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New call blocking versus handoff blocking in cellular networks
Sidi M., Starobinski D. Wireless Networks3 (1):15-27,1997.Type:Article
Date Reviewed: Sep 1 1998

Cellular architecture consists of a backbone network with base stations, a base station controller, a mobile switching center, a home location register, and a visitor location register. Mobile users communicate with each other and with other networks through the channels assigned to each base station. Each base station covers a particular geographical area, referred to as a cell; the neighboring cells overlap. This ensures continuity of communications when the user moves from one cell to another.

This paper starts with a brief description of cellular networks. The authors introduce the concepts of call blocking, handoff, handoff blocking, and quality of service in cellular networks. They then use the multidimensional continuous-time Markov chain to describe the system model for channel occupancy and blocking probabilities for general user motion, which is difficult to solve. They then divide the user motion into two classes (slow and fast mobility) and provide equations that can be solved easily. Finally, the authors define homogeneous traffic systems, derive equations for different user movements, and derive a set of equations to approximate the blocking probabilities by isolating a group of neighboring cells and approximating the handoff traffic into these cells.

The paper is well written, but it leaves open-ended questions that need further research. Fuzzy logic concepts and tools could be used to address those issues.

Reviewer:  N. K. Swain Review #: CR121129 (9809-0710)
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