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Building a secure computer system
Gasser M., Van Nostrand Reinhold Co., New York, NY, 1988. Type: Book (9780442230227)
Date Reviewed: Aug 1 1989

Whenever a specific domain acquires some maturity, a representative monograph appears that marks this stage. This reference work of technical solutions to computer security problems accomplishes such a task. The topics it covers include design techniques, principles of a security architecture, access control and multilevel security, Trojan horses, covert channels, hardware safety mechanisms, security models and kernels, and networks and distributed systems.

This book is for the computer professional or student who wants to understand and implement technical solutions to computer security problems. It concentrates on applications for which the prevailing literature is weak--operating systems, hardware architecture, networks, and practical verification--while devoting less discussion to database security and cryptographic algorithms.

This book is not a “hacker’s guide” but rather a practical guide that describes how to use the latest software and hardware techniques in all stages of the development of a computer system. It focuses attention primarily on proven methods, but it also includes advanced theories on the future of data security. The author brings together the problems and technical solutions in a balanced perspective and gives answers to some of the most significant questions.

The book assumes a familiarity with software development and structures, but no prior understanding of computer security is necessary. The author presents difficult and subtle topics clearly, without excessive jargon, in a readable style. On the whole, the book is practical, understandable, and indispensable to researchers in this area.

Reviewer:  Razvan Andonie Review #: CR123304
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