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New approach to design for reusability of arithmetic cores in systems-on-chip
Margala M., Wang H.  Integration, the VLSI Journal 38 (2): 185-203, 2004. Type: Article
Date Reviewed: Aug 17 2005

This paper represents an important practical contribution to the field of microelectronic hardware design. Its stated purpose is to present a novel set of practices and procedures for designing multifunctional, reusable modules for use in very large-scale integration (VSLI) fabrication. It is positioned on the practice end of the theory-practice continuum, but it does provide a sound theoretical background for the practices described.

The existing body of knowledge on which the paper is based is detailed clearly. Importantly, the design approach described provides efficiencies not only in the design process, but also in the operation of the finished product. This paper is recommended for practitioners working on design and development projects in this rather esoteric, but very important, field.

Reviewer:  Neil D. Burgess Review #: CR131683 (0602-0151)
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