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Theoretical reflections on agile development methodologies
Nerur S., Balijepally V. Communications of the ACM50 (3):79-83,2007.Type:Article
Date Reviewed: Mar 9 2007

A historical perspective on the issues of software design is provided in this article. Although it promises insight into the agile methods, it does not deliver. The authors drive software development to extreme positions, and then attack their straw men. There are interesting insights into the idiosyncratic behavior required to build a successful development team. They claim that the ‚Äútenets of agile methods depart from the orthodoxy of software development,” but do not qualify their observation. If, by orthodoxy, they mean conformance to waterfall documentation approaches driven by bureaucratic management, I agree with them. But early writings by Boehm and Royce tell us that we need to validate our requirements and build systems in increments; their observations in the 1970s are ignored by these authors [1].

This article does not add insight to the design, organization, or human development challenges associated with first-rate software development teams.

Reviewer:  Larry Bernstein Review #: CR134026 (0801-0065)
1) Horowitz, E.; , Practical strategies for developing large software systems. Addison-Wesley, Menlo Park, CA, 1975.
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