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A coercion-resistant Internet voting protocol
Meng B.  ICSNC 2007 (Proc. of the 2nd International Conference on Systems and Networks Communications, Aug 25-31, 2007)672007.Type:Proceedings
Date Reviewed: Apr 24 2008

An Internet voting protocol (IVP) is defined as a voting procedure that uses a computer to cast a ballot over the Internet. There are four types of Internet voting: remote IVP, kiosk IVP, polling places IVP, and precinct IVP. This paper is dedicated mainly to the first type.

A practical IVP should have two classes of properties: basic properties (privacy, completeness, soundness, nonreusability, fairness, eligibility, and invariableness), and expanded properties (universal verifiability, receipt-free, and coercion resistant).

The first section, after a listing of basic notions concerning IVP, presents the Acquisti voting protocol. Mainly, it is shown that this protocol does not have the property of invariableness, and is neither receipt-free nor coercion resistant. Section 2 proposes an IVP inspired by the Acquisti protocol. The author claims that this protocol achieves almost all of the properties defined above, but the last section contains (because of space limitations) only short proofs regarding the invariableness, receipt-free, and coercion-resistant properties, with few physical constraints. It would be interesting to find a source where Meng proves the other properties suggested to be verified by his protocol (including privacy, completeness, soundness, fairness, and universal verifiability).

The paper is interesting, but it lacks the useful information (examples included) that would make it a fundamental reference for voting protocols.

Reviewer:  Adrian Atanasiu Review #: CR135511 (0903-0256)
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