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Educating for mobile computing: addressing the new challenges
Burd B., Barros J., Johnson C., Kurkovsky S., Rosenbloom A., Tillman N.  ITiCSE-WGR 2012 (Proceedings of the Final Reports of the Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education 2012 Working Groups, Haifa, Israel, Jul 3-5, 2012)51-63.2012.Type:Proceedings
Date Reviewed: Feb 21 2013

Computers are used across all subject areas in education. However, in recent times, there has been a trend toward using mobile technologies as a replacement for traditional computer laboratories. The adoption of mobile technologies by the general community is transforming the way individuals and businesses communicate, which in turn influences the education sector.

This paper surveyed 200 courses that used some aspect of mobile computing. These courses used various methods to engage students in the content and assessment tasks. The authors identify difficulties faced by educators and course developers and suggest solutions in a comprehensive discussion on platform-dependent issues. This is followed by a selection of exemplary assignment ideas that highlight the flexibility and versatility of the mobile platform. The challenges addressed by the subjects in this paper indicate that educators are delivering courses in new ways that break from traditional methods.

In conclusion, the authors highlight the need to develop and revise curricula for mobile technologies, but they also caution that innovation in mobile technologies has not peaked, which will ensure future challenges. Educators interested in integrating mobile technologies into their courses would benefit from reading this paper.

Reviewer:  S. M. Godwin Review #: CR140941 (1305-0432)
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