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Ray saliency: bottom-up visual saliency for a rotating and zooming camera
Warnell G., David P., Chellappa R.  International Journal of Computer Vision 116 (2): 174-189, 2016. Type: Article
Date Reviewed: May 25 2016

“Visual saliency refers to a distinct subjective perceptual quality that makes certain ... objects [or pixels] ... stand out” from their neighbors [1]. It is frequently studied to understand how the human vision system is capable of efficiently discerning meaningful information from the surroundings. The authors have developed a novel method for quantifying gaze-predictive visual saliency for multi-image data collected from a stationary pan-tilt-zoom camera, called ray saliency. According to the authors, this technique associates “superpixel observations with points on the surface of a sphere and computes the bottom-up saliency using a graph defined over those points.” The saliency maps generated are approximately consistent and do not require any unnecessary interpolation; instead, they “accurately reflect the geometry of the imaging system.” It will be interesting to see this work extended to dynamic scenes, as well as the incorporation of more “recent, modified notions of saliency developed for single images.”

Reviewer:  Gianluca Valentino Review #: CR144450 (1609-0694)
1) Park, M.; Kumar, M.; Loui, A. C. Saliency detection using region-based incremental center-surround distance. In Proc. of ISM 2011. IEEE, 2011, 249–256.
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Image Processing And Computer Vision (I.4 )
Pattern Recognition (I.5 )
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