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On the acceptance and usefulness of personalized learning objectives in MOOCs
Rohloff T., Sauer D., Meinel C.  [email protected] (Proceedings of the Sixth ACM Conference on Learning @ Scale, Chicago, IL,  Jun 24-25, 2019) 1-10. 2019. Type: Proceedings
Date Reviewed: Jun 5 2020

A major challenge to online learning has been the one-size-fits-all delivery approach. This paper examines an approach that personalizes the learning pathways for massive open online courses (MOOCs). It includes clear definitions for the associated terms, which provide an excellent framework for the implementation of the principle learning structures. The authors suggest that “a learning goal can comprise multiple learning objectives,” which should be determined by the learner to enhance their overall success in the course.

This research used personalized learning objectives with four groups. Each group was given different options to select an objective. Based on this selection, learners would consume course content in various ways that reflected the initial objective. One group had the option to re-select the objective during the course, which mirrors the situation that learners face in a complex world of competing priorities.

The conclusion highlights the success of integrating learning objectives to support learners in MOOCs. The participant surveys indicate a generally positive response to the concept of following an individual learning path while receiving support and guidance. This paper is an important read for academics and educators who are involved in online delivery.

Reviewer:  S. M. Godwin Review #: CR146986 (2012-0301)
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