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Susan Linn
Who’s Raising the Kids?: 2022
"Digital devices are marketed to parents as must-have childrearing tools and marketed to kids as their sole opportunity for fun. In a rigorously antiregulatory political climate, tech and media companies target children with brilliant, sophisticated, ..."

Oct 2022

Rosalind Picard
“What Every Engineer and Computer Scientist Should Know”: 2021
"Through research drawing from psychiatry, neuroscience, psychology, and affective computing, I have learned some surprising things. In some cases, they are principles we have embedded into technology that interacts with people. Guess what? People lik..."

Sep 2022

Ben Reinhardt
foreword to Pieces of the Action: 2022
"Paying attention to the poetry of history gives us a valuable perspective on things that today seem unprecedented and urgent. On the flip side, persistent facts about the world tend to be the hardest to change. To give you a taste (again, keep your o..."

Aug 2022

Mark Seemann
Code That Fits in Your Head: 2022
"Are you a scientist or an artist? An engineer or a craftsman? Are you a gardener or a chef? A poet or an architect? Are you a programmer or a software developer? If so, then what are you? My response to these questions is: Yes, none of the above

Jul 2022

Daniel Kahneman, Olivier Sibony, & Cass R. Sunstein
Noise: A Flaw in Human Judgment: 2021
"The potentially high costs of noise reduction often come up in the context of algorithms, where there are growing objections to “algorithmic bias.” As we have seen, algorithms eliminate noise and often seem appealing for that reason. Inde..."

Jun 2022

John Unsworth
“What is Humanities Computing and What is Not?”: 2002
"Having said what I think humanities computing is, it remains to say what it is good for, or why it matters. Why do we need to worry about whether we can express what we know about the humanities in formal language, in terms that are tractable to comp..."

May 2022

Nicholas Higham
People of ACM: 2021
"With the huge growth in scientific publications over the years, it has become much harder to attract readers to our work because any paper we write will usually be one of many on the topic. It is therefore essential that our papers have informative t..."

Apr 2022

Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo
People of ACM: 2021
"Despite the potential benefits of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, there are challenges associated with the broader adoption of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies in practice. For example, blockchain and distributed ledger ..."

Mar 2022

Pamela McCorduck
This Could Be Important: 2019
"Though much sound and fury has swirled around whether machines really think (the way humans do) or are only faking it, that tired dispute bores me. An old behaviorist trope holds that although birds and airplanes don’t operate on exactly the sa..."

Feb 2022

Calvin Mercer and Tracy J. Trothen
Religion and the Technological Future: 2021
"A growing group of scholars and thought leaders believe that biomedical, machine, and other technologies will increasingly refigure the human condition. Not that long ago, some of the scientific advances discussed in this textbook were the stuff of s..."

Jan 2022

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