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Cover Quote: April 1983

We are moving toward the 21st century with the very great goal of building a Computopia on earth, the historical monument of which will be only several chips one inch square in a small box. But that box will store many historical records, including the record of how four billion world citizens overcame the energy crisis and the population explosion; achieved the abolition of nuclear weapons and complete disarmament; conquered illiteracy; and created a rich symbiosis of god and man without the compulsion of power or law, but by the voluntary cooperation of the citizens to put into practice their common global aims.

Accordingly, the civilization to be built as we approach the 21st century will not be a material civilization symbolized by huge constructions, but will be virtually an invisible civilization. Precisely, it should be called an “information civilization.” Homo sapiens, who stood at the dawn of the first material civilization at the end of the last glacial age, is now standing at the threshold of the second, the information civilization after ten thousand years.

- Yoneji Masuda
The Information Society as Post-Industrial Society, 1980
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