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Cover Quote: October 2022

Digital devices are marketed to parents as must-have childrearing tools and marketed to kids as their sole opportunity for fun. In a rigorously antiregulatory political climate, tech and media companies target children with brilliant, sophisticated, ubiquitous, and often obfuscated marketing that is seamlessly integrated into digital content and programming that is created purposely to be addictive. In the tech world such manipulation is called “persuasive design.” Rooted in behavioral psychology, persuasive design is the science of programming computers to alter human behavior.

The astounding science fiction-like capabilities of computers are themselves only part of the problem. In the United States, the rise of powerful digital technologies parallels the decline of government regulations designed to set limits on excessive and irresponsible corporate behavior. In combination, these two phenomena drive a societal embrace of commercialism that powerfully affects children, both directly and indirectly.

- Susan Linn
Who’s Raising the Kids?, 2022
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