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Cover Quote: March 2023

News headlines often warn that new technologies—from artificial intelligence to robots to big data—have a gender or race problem. Such problems have been pervasive: automated advertisement bots that show different types of job openings to men and women and to younger and older workers; credit or lending algorithms that prefer men to women and white applicants to Black applicants; facial recognition systems that fail when presented with non-white faces; social media algorithms that prioritize profit at the expense of teenage girls’ well-being; popular digital personal assistants (like Alexa, Siri, and others) designed as subservient female bots. The list goes on and on. Technology indeed often embeds inequality. But what if we flipped the script and instead adopted a mindset that inequality faces a tech challenge? What if we considered challenges as opportunities to do better—opportunities not only to address technology failures but to use technology to tackle societal failures?

- Orly Lobel
The Equality Machine, 2022
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