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Cover Quote: September 1978

Modern computers have been branded with the label “electronic computing machines.” In this context we are faced with concepts such as electronics, storage-technique, program-control, logistics, binary system, floating point and many others which all play an important role. However, the logically essential feature, which must not be overlooked, is the concept of program-control. The electronics only account for the incredibly high speed.

The development of program-controlled computers can be divided into approximately three stages. First there was a period of tentative experimentation, which one can describe as pre-history, lasting up until the time shortly before the Second World War; during the war there followed a more intensified development, necessitated partially by certain problems concerning the conduct of the war; finally since the end of the war there has been world wide energetic development, the end of which is hard to foresee.

- Konrad Zuse
The Outline of a Computer Development from Mechanics to Electronics, 1962
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