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General Literature (A)
A survey on gait recognition : ACM Computing Surveys

Gait recognition is a biometric method that uses sensor data to recognize people based on body shape and walking styles. Gait data is acquired from video images, inertial sensors, or sensors in the environment. The possible...
Introductory & Survey (A.1) | Jun 8 21

Hardware (B)
SOD: making smartphone smart on demand with radio interface management : ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems

Smartphone batteries don’t last as long as they used to. Why? Applications consume a lot of energy. However, the authors show that, besides the display...
General (B.0) | Apr 20 21

iCanCloud : Journal of Grid Computing

Cloud computing is a flexible and scalable solution for delivering information technology (IT) services. However, as the processing power used must be paid for, accurately right-sizing the cloud resources for particular end user applications is important...
Simulation (B.1.2...) | Jul 26 21

Computer Systems Organization (C)
Dependable visual light-based indoor localization with automatic anomaly detection for location-based service of mobile cyber-physical systems : ACM Transactions on Cyber-Physical Systems

Indoor localization for mobile devices can employ beacons inserted in known positions...
General (C.0) | Jul 2 21

WoTbench: a benchmarking framework for the Web of Things : IoT 19

Since the beginning of the Internet of Things (IoT) concept, there has always been a deep belief that we are expecting a new paradigm in computer science and engineering. There are many new interesting...
General (C.0) | Jun 23 21

Securing and self recovery of virtual machines in cloud with an autonomic approach using snapshots : Mobile Networks and Applications

Virtual machines (VMs) in the form of cloud computing are now mainstream for the delivery of information technology (IT) services. However, the...
General (C.2.0) | Jun 17 21

Data-driven model-based detection of malicious insiders via physical access logs : ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation

Employees with security clearance will perhaps continue to pose the ultimate security threat to businesses, organizations...
Security & Protection (C.2.0...) | Mar 8 21

Orchestrating big data analysis workflows in the cloud : ACM Computing Surveys

When processing different big data workflows, many new and (so far) unknown patterns and performance requirements are visible. We are forced to search new processing models and...
Cloud Computing (C.2.4...) | Mar 2 21

Software (D)
Applications of distributed ledger technologies to the Internet of Things: a survey : ACM Computing Surveys

If you have ever wondered how the Internet of Things (IoT)--the interconnection of physical and virtual things through existing and evolving communication...
Distributed Programming (D.1.3...) | Mar 22 21

Coding-data portability in systematic literature reviews: a W3C’s open annotation approach : EASE 19

Systematic literature reviews (SLRs) involve several steps: the planning step, which identifies the scope of literature according to the research goals, and develops a coding protocol; the analysis step, which...
Software Engineering (D.2) | Apr 9 21

Hardware (B)

Algorithms for optimization

Anyone wanting to publish a book in a respectable and classical research field needs to find a niche to justify the originality. This statement includes the area of mathematical optimization, which interests Kochenderfer and Wheeler. They decided to focus on the...
Optimization (B.1.4...) | Apr 27 21

Software (D)

Righting software

The history of software systems development is filled with projects that have either failed or experienced severe problems, ranging from cost or schedule overruns to falling short of customer needs and serious quality defects. The rollout of the federal health...
General (D.0) | May 11 21


First, the good news: Pro TBB (threading building blocks, or TBB, now renamed oneTBB) is an invaluable book, written by three experts, on all facets of parallel programming that are available for free. Moreover, Intel’s oneAPI software tools, including oneTBB...
Parallel Programming (D.1.3...) | Jul 29 21

Software engineering for absolute beginners

This book’s audience is exactly as described in its title: “absolute beginners.” The content is appropriate for someone who has had some minimal programming experience, for example, classwork or playing around at home, and is ready for their first real project or...
General (D.2.0) | Jul 22 21

Data cleaning

Data cleaning provides an extensive literature review. It showcases the body of work that academia has produced over the last decades on the subject of data cleaning automation. Identifying and correcting dirty data by means of a computer is a task with widespread...
Error Handling & Recovery (D.2.5...) | Aug 4 21

Reasoning with probabilistic and deterministic graphical models: exact algorithms (2nd ed.)

Many problems related to learning and reasoning can make use of graphical models where a knowledge structure is compactly encoded into a graph. When dependencies (or...
Graphical Environments (D.2.6...) | May 4 21

Understanding programming languages

This well-written textbook focuses on a precise description of programming language semantics in a relatively easily understood manner, utilizing a notation derived from a subset of the Vienna development method (VDM). The author motivates the...
General (D.3.0) | Jun 29 21

The kollected Kode Vicious: opinionated advice for programmers

Readers of Communications of the ACM and ACM Queue are surely familiar with the magazines’ “Dear Abby”-like column, written by George V. Neville-Neil, under his persona Kode Vicious, or KV. This book is a...
General (D.3.0) | Apr 30 21

Exploring advanced features in C#

In the 2000s, Microsoft designed and published C# in an open forum platform. The aim was to capture features of object-oriented languages like C++ and integrate with the .NET platform. Since then, it has evolved along with .NET. This volume deals with “advanced...
C# (D.3.2...) | Jul 16 21

Beginning Perl programming

Perl 5 is a robust cross-platform language that has, as the author relates, been in use for more than two decades and become deeply embedded in the corporate information technology (IT) world. Most UNIX-based operating systems have a standard Perl...
Multiparadigm Languages (D.3.2...) | Jun 29 21

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